Differences in Party Women


Let me be clear, I know the differences between Conservatives and Liberals, Democrats and Republicans, Women and Feminists. There is also a BIG difference in sub-divisions of Feminism. That being said, this post is not an outburst of anger at democrat women, that is very important to understand. I have no problem with democrats, I disagree with them on the issues but I have many friends that are staunchly democrat. It is the extreme left liberals that are pushing dangerous policies at a country that was founded on completely different principles that I am angered at. Things like slavery, civil rights and women’s rights are things that HAD to change but the BASIC Constitution is something that is deviated from in current times. So this will be a short post about the difference between the feminist women I have been viewing lately on BC, not all feminists, and conservative women WITHOUT naming each one directly to their characteristics. It is a short post but to the point.I am in youth marketing, this involves a lot of research on Gen Y, and the one thing that sticks out at me is that we are a generation of “entitled” people. We feel that we deserve anything and everything. Generations before us believed in the “pay your dues” principle. What happened?? Feeling you deserve things is absolutely fine but DEMANDING it is bringing that desire out in the open for scrutiny and you damn well better expect that scrutiny. There is a “pay your dues” work mentality, you can’t expect to bypass an entry level position to be vice president of the company. Experience matters.

On one side of the equation you have women that attack other women for their attempted endeavors. In order to achieve the “breaking of the glass ceiling” they chose to protest and demean people to make their points. Still, without naming which side I am talking about, I think that protesting these ideals is another way of saying “I’m going to nag and annoy the hell out of you until you give me what I deserve.” and I think that is taking a low road by all means. This is also the group of women that believes that if you do not hold ALL of their morals and values, you are not truly a woman and are therefor an “enemy of the women state”. This is also the group that demands conditions beyond equal opportunity and dabbles in the field of “special conditions” for themselves, in a sense, not being equal really.

On the other side of the coin you have woman that push the boundaries of the stereotypical 1950’s women. They are the ones that take care of the kid’s, make breakfast, cook dinner, do laundry and clean the house all while maintaining a 9-5 job. Or maybe they are even the ones that have their husbands do all of the above while they head off to work for the 9-5. These women DO believe in the “pay your dues” mentality and are rarely the ones complaining or trying to take a soap box. They may not all share the EXACT morals or values of other women but they do respect the others’ decisions. These are the powerhouse executive women you see shooting past male counterparts in the workplace, not because they whined to get there or felt they “deserved” it, these are the women that went about their daily schedule more concerned about their family situation when they were asked to move up in the company. The decision to move up is based on what is best for their family, as opposed to the “what is best for me” mentality and the “I want to prove a political point by taking this” mentality. These are the silent women at work, not because they have nothing to say but because they put their noses to the grinder to improve the situations that surround their lives. These are also the women that act on helping people out, not just saying we need to.

Am I biased? Of course but the fact of the matter is that it is absolutely disgusting lately to see women that attack a woman for everything that they themselves have stood for for so long! The fact is, if Governor Palin was “pro-choice” she would be a hero in the feminism movement. What they fail to realize is that Governor Palin IS a hero to the rest of us. I find it so funny that the elitist Barack Obama could go and call Pennsylvanians “bitter americans” and not look at the way his own party acts. Take a look at 99% of the posts and comments on BC and tell me who is the most bitter. Read a newspaper article online and see the comments and tell me who is bitter. Barack Obama better start looking at his own party and realize he is standing in a vat of Sour Patch Kids.