It is a Trend Toward ABC in DE

More and more people in Delaware are beginning say “Anybody But Castle.” However, this is actually a positive development for Republicans. Mike Castle, you will remember, is a forty-year career far Left liberal Republican member of congress. He voted for Cap and Trade, TARP, the auto and banking industry takeovers. More recently he co sponsored the infamous “Disclose Act” designed to muzzle the first amendment rights of his detractors, and he supported the “Banking Reform Act” which rewards the very banks who have so heavily supported him. He is consistently pro abortion and has earned an F- rating from the NRA. Castle has been compared to Charlie Crist.

However, “tax hike Mike” faces a strong conservative opponent in Delaware’s closed September, 14 primary. Up until now, Castle’s paid internet workers have really only been able to muster a single weak talking point, that Mike Castle calls himself a Republican, and they claim that he can win. Whereas they have asserted that his opponent Christine O’Donnell cannot. A recent Rasmussen poll has put this claim to rest. The interesting thing about this poll is that, although it shows both Castle and O’Donnell beating the Democrat, Chris Coons, it demonstrates a dramatic collapse in support for Castle. Just a few months ago Castle was beating Coons by over 20 points. It is hardly surprising that an “anybody but Castle” trend is beginning to appear. This year there is a strong anti incumbency sentiment throughout the country, and Delaware is no different. Mike Castle is the ultimate incumbent. This race is for the senate seat that Joe Biden vacated in order to assume the role of Vice Dunce. Delaware Republicans remember the close working relationship between Castle and Biden. After all they are both privileged members of the “ruling establishment.”

Deprived of their only argument, Castle’s online lurkers have begun to attack Ms. O’Donnell for such horrendous misdeeds as finishing her 2008 campaign against Joe Biden in debt. They are now so very concerned about Ms. O’Donnell’s personal finances. They, however, seem to be OK with the fact that Mike Castle has brought the entire nation to the brink of financial ruin. Everyone’s personal finances have been imperiled by the reckless actions of Mr. Castle.

For all of these reasons the career of Mike Castle is entering a death spiral. If Delaware Republicans do the right thing and overwhelmingly reject him on September, 14, we stand a strong chance of placing a solid conservative in Joe Biden’s old senate seat. If Mike Castle somehow manages to buy the nomination, his opponent will have a field day. It will be only too easy for him to point out that Mike Castle has received massive financial support from the financial institutions that he voted to protect.