The Case for Mike Castle

The Case for Mike Castle

There is a case for Republicans in Delaware to support career liberal politician Mike Castle in the upcoming Republican senate primary. It is a weak and cynical case, and it denies the political realities of 2010. But nevertheless, there is a case. What, you might ask, could induce a conservative who believes in The First Amendment to vote for a politician who co-sponsored the recently passed “Disclose Act,” an act designed to stifle free speech and gag opposition to establishment politicians? What would cause a Second Amendment supporter to vote for a politician who has earned an F- grade from The NRA? And how could an advocate for life pull the lever for a pro-abortion candidate? There must be a compelling reason for “free enterprise believing” Republicans to be asked to support a man who supported TARP, “Cash for Clunkers,” “Cap and Trade” and the auto industry and bank takeovers. Those who oppose socialized medicine would need to have a strong motivation to support a candidate opposed to the repeal of Obama-care. What is the case for Castle? It comes down to this. Castle campaign workers and old guard GOP operatives, supported by corporate money, are parroting a single talking point. It is that Mike Castle can supposedly win, giving the Republicans a senate pickup, and his opponent, Christine O’Donnell, supposedly cannot.

Besides the fact that this argument is cynical if not immoral, it is patently fallacious.
Paid Castle internet operatives will point out that Delaware is a blue state and only a moderate Republican can prevail. Ignoring the fact that Mark Levin recently said of Castle that he “is not a moderate, he is a radical liberal.” They fail to acknowledge the fact that the socialist nightmare, made possible by the likes of Mike Castle, has completely shuffled the political deck. The solid blue liberal State of New Jersey elected a committed and outspoken conservative Republican as governor this year. And this year there could be no weaker candidate for Democrat Chris Coons to face in November than Mike Castle. He has been a career politician for the past forty years. During that time he has never met a tax hike that he did not like. In 2010 even worthy incumbents are at risk. Mike Castle is politically dead. He just does not know it yet. The surest way to miss a chance for a senate pickup is for DE Republicans to nominate this liberal fossil. Voters of all parties will justifiably hold him accountable for all that has gone wrong in America.

Fortunately, there is a fantastic conservative alternative. For those who learned the lessons of 2006 and 2008, and more importantly, of 1980, 1984 and 1994, the choice is clear. Support Christine O’Donnell and send her some money if you can. The liberal Castle campaign has all the money that stagnant incumbency can provide. The only problem with that is that their currency has been debased this year by their own contemptible actions.