"Expansion-Blocking Regulations"

On April 5, Sen Ted Cruz said the following about the jobs report for March:

Today’s jobs report is another reminder that more than four years after financial crisis, the economy is gasping for breath. Americans may be asking why, and the answer is simple: tax hikes, Obamacare, and a raft of expansion-blocking regulations. Add in a dollar that remains unstable and no wonder businesses and job creators are sitting on the sidelines. Meanwhile, the White House is out today with its latest proposal for… more tax increases.

Good stuff. Raises the question, what is to be done? Repeal Obamacare? Sure, but if that isn’t happening this year, what else? Lower taxes? How’s that going?

Wait. How about the “raft of expansion-blocking regulations”?

I’m not in the business world any more (except for managing some vacation rental properties, which is dirt simple), so I want to know: What are these regulations, of which there is apparently “a raft” (meaning, I guess, “a bunch”)? Never mind all of them, just give me the most damaging top three. No, forget that. How about the absolute worst single “expansion-blocking regulation”?

How about sending a bill to committee to change the law(s) which underlay this most egregiously damaging regulation? I’m sure everybody realizes that every reg  the Exec Branch writes has to have a law behind it.

Or even better, send one bill a month to committee, attacking these regs. If I had a multi-million dollar, taxpayer provided staff like every Republican Senator has, I bet I could come up with some legislation to attack the problem, instead of just making political hay out of it.

Or maybe they’re afraid that if they achieve some success in addressing the country’s economic problems, the President might get credit for it.


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