New Jersey Needs David Larsen In The 7th District

I usually don’t write about particular candidates in Congressional races, but this one really caught my attention, not only for the fact that New Jersey really does not need any new taxes, but also because the state itself could use a third generation small business owner who also happens to be a strict Constitutionalist and a politician who actually understands science enough to see through the obfuscations of global warming alarmists.

David Larsen is a man who recognizes cap-and-trade for what it really is – just another power grab and wealth redistribution scheme. If you want real change, then on Tuesday, June 8th say yes to Republican David Larsen and no to Representative Leonard Lance, who currently occupies the seat. You see Leonard Lance is what we call a RINO – that sort of squishy Beltway Republican who will often surprise you by doing something inane like voting for cap-and-trade. Voting for cap-and-trade is not the act of a fiscally responsible representative, especially given the current climate – pun intended – of the now unestablished science of global warming. When political agendas collide with science it is the people – you and I – who pay the price. And a hefty price it is. The only warming these days is in the anthropogenic global warming science community. It is there you will find a great deal of hot air.

Remember climategate? If not, here is refresher of many posts from American Thinker on the subject. The bottom line is how so-called scientists were exposed as biased hacks when emails were leaked that explicitly described how data was fudged to fit the climate scare narrative.

Today Al Gore, self-appointed leader of the Global Warming scare is being sued by The Weather Channel & 30,000 scientists worldwide. That has not stopped the winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, obviously awarded for the explicit demonstration of incompetence in a given field in which the recipient possesses no expertise, from continuing his crusade for your money. At least he has that invention of the internet thing going for him.

And guys like Leonard Lance are all too happy to join the previous Vice President in absconding with our hard earned cash, all under the guise of discredited science.

So serious is the climategate scandal it has also prompted another lawsuit from Peabody Energy Company (PEC) against the EPA; a suit which may lead to criminal prosecution.

One would think that with such overwhelming evidence the books have been cooked and the lid torn off exposing one of the greatest political tainting of science in its entire history, that politicians would be rushing away from cap-and-trade back into the reality-based world. The fact they are not says one of two things. Either they are completely ignorant of the scientific process and climategate cover-up or they are agenda driven hacks. As both cases would shed a negative light on any candidate, it is clear that anyone who voted for cap-and-trade does not deserve to hold elected office. As New Jersey’s elected representative for the 7th district last year Leonard Lance voted for cap-and-trade legislation in the House. Here is what his vote means to those of you in not just New Jersey but the rest of the country as well.

Visit the website of David Larsen for Congress to find out more about cap-and-trade. The bottom line is that some in your government are prepared to basically burden you with a tax while not calling it a tax, and they will do so under the umbrella of junk science and in the name of power and money. The Heritage Foundation estimates the total cost of living per average household in the U.S. will increase by $3,000 per year or more; in New Jersey the cost of living could increase by as much as $6,000.

Here is a nice little video outlining the issue of cap-and-trade and the position of Representative Leonard Lance who voted to put his hand in your pocket last year because a bunch of agenda-driven scientists provided him the cover to do so:

Of course, our story would not be complete without the gratuitous backpedaling that politicians like Leonard Lance are famous for. If I were Dan Rather – which thank God I am not – I might be tempted after watching the following video to come up with a useful metaphor. Perhaps something along the lines of “Leonard Lance is tap dancing faster than a barefooted Michael Flatley on a hot bed of coals”. Yeah, I think I like that one.

Watch Leonard Lance dance, wiggle, and attempt to spin his way out of his vote for cap-and-trade.

The die has been cast. The question is clear. Who has dibs on your money? You, or a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians using scientists as political fodder to get their grubby hands on more of your money? It’s not a hard choice. On June 8th vote for a man of reason and fiscal sanity. Vote for David Larsen.