Liberalism and Diversity

Given the reinvigorated immigration debate, coupled with the plans to build a Mosque at ground zero in New York, there exists a need to attempt to understand the primitive thinking of the liberal mind concerning diversity and its implementation.

Diversity, by the nature of its definition, does not lead to harmony in and of itself. It takes an extra ingredient to glue the pieces together. This is true of an ecosystem, an economy, a biosphere, a galaxy, a life-form – there is always some underlying principle or principles that bind the diverse parts together in a way that allows them to interact usefully. It is a culture which provides the unifying foundation which directs a diverse populace towards some mutually beneficial goal. The purpose of culture is to unify diversity, to provide the structure and the foundation whereby the individual pieces of the puzzle can be fit together into a whole, completing the image of what it means to be a member of society within that culture. This is how diversification as a principle becomes a useful tool for survival. It is not how liberals view diversity.

Liberalism’s casting of diversity as an absolute turns logic on its head. To them it is imperative that one conform to the idea of diversity. The fact the liberal mind is unaware of this paradox reveals much about the limits of liberal thinking. They seek to diversify unity, with each subculture claiming unity within itself and operating under a different set of principles, the country quickly looses is cohesiveness and begins to rot from within. In the liberal world, there is no big tent to shelter diversity, no foundation to stand on and no unifying principle. We find ourselves in a freefall towards mediocrity. We can see the consequences of such misguided thinking around us every day.

The progressive propensity to emphasize the later in the the hyphenated identity – think Italian-American or African-American – is the root of the problem. Liberals strive so hard to accept that people are of Italian, African, Irish, and other descents that in their ignorance they forget that we are primarily American. It is quite possible some if not most liberals encourage such nonsense and fortify their position with the usual progressive attack and defense tactics. Support mandatory English classes for children of Mexican immigrants and you risk being called a racist.

One American culture, many-subcultures is a good model, or one American culture, many races could be another. Still, for a country to survive and remain strong, the foundation of all distinctions must be made on the foundation of a single culture, in the same way that distinctions of group responsibility within a corporation must be grounded on a single corporate culture.

It’s just common sense, which is why the liberals struggle with the very idea. Even with the above analysis, I often wonder what if would sound like inside the mind of a liberal. I imagine the vacuous empty space devoid of everything – including the chirping of crickets. No use sticking around if nobody is home.


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