The Oath To Vanquish

Evil is not an abstract concept. It is not some ephemeral quality difficult to define or subject to the whims of relativism. It is not just an act, but the intent behind the act.

It is evil to steal the fruits of labor derived from the sweat of the body or the effort of the mind and give it to another. This is not liberty; it is not freedom; it is not American. I choose to give to those less fortunate. In doing so, I exercise my right to decide the distribution of my efforts. I reject the very idea of a few who would lord over me, full of such contempt and drunk on power their twisted logic excuses and rationalizes their actions. Only a sick mind belongs in such a pit of malfeasance.

Should I ever be held in contempt such vultures, I proudly would stand up and identify with a shout the charge to be fact, for indeed I have nothing but contempt for the leeches. They do not own me, though they will try. They do not honor my rights, though they claim to. They are, to their very core, evil.

It is those who practice that act of theft in the pursuit of power, those that enslave the populace to their so-called charity, who need us. We are free. We live in the spirit of liberty. We do not need them. I deem their actions unlawful and abhorrent. Even their might will not frighten me into submission.

Who are these lowly thieves they should defy the wolves of liberty? Do not fear them, for even in their sickness they are aware of our power and are afraid. They can break neither you nor I, and this fact troubles them and defines them by their fear of us. Right is on our side, our spirits bright with the shining light of liberty. Their darkness cannot withstand even the smallest of candles among us. Together, the evil of socialism they represent will perish, and all signs of their foulness swept into the dustbins of history. By will, by conviction, and by moral rightness shall we prevail. They are like leaves and will blow away with the slightest wind – the smallest of breezes. No arms will be required, no martial weaponry, but only the weapons of the mind. Our enemies are feeble. If we recognize and own this fact, their weakness will be no match for our resolve.

I hereby swear to work tirelessly in the effort to vanquish the ideology of thieves, the evil of socialism, and the enemies of liberty; to aspire to bring this nation back to its constitutional foundations where the power lies in the individual. I vow to honor the ideas of empowerment and independence, to make them terms of common use and action, understood in their original context and intent. I vow to buttress such thought through sheer will and determination, and in doing so drive the vultures far away. I vow to set the foundation of such thought so when evil dares to return in any guise, its unsightly countenance will be turned away once again by those who come after me.


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