Stupak is Caving

Thought I would write a quick diary entry even though this is also in the comments. I know it may not meet the requirements of an entry, but this needs exposure fast if it is true:

According to Fox News. He is buying the Executive Order BS. He as looking for such a deal according to Life News:


Also from the Hill is a report saying they are close to a deal: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/88079-stupak-we-are-close-to-deal-with-the-white-house

Due to the timing and the fact I just heard this on Fox, it seems they may have reached a deal. Melt the phone lines of the Stupak bloc and do it now. The voters are not stupid. Executive orders are temporary and governement controlled healthcare will, at some point in the future have federally funded abortion. The only soltion is to KILL THE BILL.

This guy must be an idiot.

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