Are Dems Attempting To Use SCOTUS As A Scapegoat?

Ever have one of those days when something just nags at you and suddenly pops into your frontal cortex with a big WHAM!

I just did. It looks like the Democrats are 10 votes shy in the House and heading in the wrong direction.

Dreier said that Republicans won’t know until later this week whether the Democrats will pursue a form of what has come to be known as the “Slaughter Solution” to avoid a direct vote on the Senate bill. But in the memo, Dreier’s office gives three “flavors” such a rule could take. It could simply self-enact the Senate bill and send it to the president to sign. It could deem the Senate bill passed upon passage of the reconciliation measure in the House. Or, in the most unprecedented option, it could deem the Senate bill passed in the House only when the Senate passes the House reconciliation measure.

The referenced Dreier is Rep. David Dreier (R., Calif.). As all of the “flavors” of the Slaughter Solution are blatantly unconstitutional it seems a forgone conclusion that if the House does not get the votes for normal passage they will attempt to deem it passed and the Supreme Court will strike down the entire law. The fig leaf is too obvious in this case. There will be no “I voted for the rule but voted against the bill”. Such an insult to our intelligence will not go unanswered. But what if, in the land of the crazies, Democrats actually believe the Slaughter Solution is not an answer to their legislative woes, but rather a doorway of escape.

In the fairy dust world of the Democrats, they seem to think some voters will believe the Supreme Court saved us from ObamaCare and just move on while other voters – namely their base – will pivot their anger away from the perpetrators of ultimate stupidity and blame the SCOTUS. If true, the contempt of the Democrats for the intelligence of their own base is palpable, or maybe they’re on to something, but that’s another topic.

The Democrats could not be more incorrect. The backlash alone could create a constitutional crisis in this country the likes of which most of us have not seen even if the SCOTUS strikes down the law on constitutional grounds. The severity of the destruction alone at the ballot box in November will be electoral equivalent of a 10 megaton bomb – they are literally going to destroy their own party.

As an exit strategy, it may appear to make sense if you live in with Alice in Wonderland. In the real world the Democrats should never have broached the Slaughter Solution to begin with. This is a open and explicit grab at power, even if the solution is being used as their escape hatch. I could be wrong on this one, but if I am not, the Democrats are truly about to self-destruct.

This is all the more reason that, if I were a Democrat, I would vote no and distance myself from Pelosi as fast as physically possible.

We have met the insane, and it is the Democrat party. I think its time for the Democrat caucus to throw Pelosi to the curve. While they’re at it, add Slaughter to the pile.