Democrats, Leadership, and ObamaCare

I am 43 years old with 25 stents in three major heart arteries; the American healthcare system saved my life. My stents are drug-eluting, the same state of art stents recently received by Bill Clinton. In Canada, my birth country, many are not so lucky. There, rationing, lack of innovation, and a shortage of expertise are real problems and no perversion of the truth changes this reality.

In the UK, my wife’s birth country, the National Health Service denied the life-saving breast cancer drug Herceptin to women on the basis of cost. It required a lawsuit to settle the matter. I often wonder how many women unnecessarily died in the interim. NICE decides which drugs and treatments are available on the NHS in England and Wales. Google the the two words “NICE denies” without the quotes. Clearly, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is anything but nice.

To put this in perspective, the population of Canada and the UK is 30 million and 60 million respectively. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and company are attempting to overhaul a system to address the needs of over 300 million people. Such an act is patently absurd and the approach is anything but sane.

Great deeds are not accomplished by great men and women; great deeds are done by normal people facing extraordinary circumstances. It is through actions during troubling and trying times taken by those of us who are ordinary that mold and shape what will become a great and historical figure. Right now, in the Senate and the House, a single Democrat or group of Democrats have the chance to become great in the eyes of this nation. From broken promises of transparency to outright lies, the Obama administration and the leaders of the Democratic Party in the House and Senate have consistently taken this country down a path it does not want to travel.

Who among you is willing to remove the “for sale” sign on your vote? Who among you will stand up to the strong arm of Chicago style politics and stare down the administration with an icy glare? Show us that greatness is still a quality that means something. Step up and protect us from this madness.

The profligate vote buying in the Congress has gotten out of hand. The special treatment granted and federal lucre handed out to the states of a few balking members of Congress has been disgraceful. This is not compromise, it is bribery pure and simple.

As neither party in the Congress truly understands what is in the health care bill, the law of unintended consequences demands a deliberative and transparent process. The purpose behind rushing through this bill is political and completely disconnected from serving the best interests of this country and the people who live in it.

It is time for a new style of politics, not one of obfuscation, hidden backroom deals, and broken promises. Yet lately it seems many politicians in the Democratic party are pitting themselves against the will of the American people – liberals, independents, and conservatives. America needs someone of great quality to stop this madness—someone who understands the responsibility derived from freedom and position.

It is said, “The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.” Many in the Democratic party appear deaf in this regard. We the American people implore rational Democrats in the Congress to stand on principle, to separate themselves from the pack, be the guardian of freedom and put an an end to the madness of what is obviously not healthcare reform, but rather a blatant attempt to grab and consolidate power. This so-called healthcare reform or health insurance reform or whatever it is called today, does nothing to address the real issues facing the American people, and the process itself will destroy the best healthcare system in the world.

We urge you to vote against this bill; stand up to leaders willing to abandon you to the political wilderness in an obsessive-compulsive neurotic pursuit of an ideological creed. Dire, unnecessary, and unforeseen consequences face this country if healthcare reform is enacted in any of its current instantiations. We all agree healthcare reform is necessary, however there is no doubt in the minds of a majority in this country the current approach is the wrong approach. The wholesale change of over 1/6 of our economy calls for a deliberative process, not the mad dash for the finish line advocated by leaders of your party whose palpable contempt for you and the majority of the electorate is both disgraceful to the legislative process and tyrannical in nature. We urge you to lift the veil of deafness and hear our voices.