Conservative VA GOP State Leader Fredy Burgos targeted

Establishment Republicans Aim to Expel their only conservative Hispanic State Committeeman

Moderate to liberal Republicans together with allied establishment Republicans are taking note of one way they can punish Donald Trump rather than just try to hold together their exploding heads after speeches that electrify conservatives such as the President’s latest this past Friday at the Conservative Political Action Committee.

How about throwing out Republican Party leaders who support President Trump, such as Virginia GOP State Committeeman Fredy Burgos?

Burgos, Trump and many of Virginia conservatives were at CPAC this past week while the plot to expel the pesky Burgos went into high gear by a cabel of Republicans who would never get caught at such a confab.

I cannot tell after a preliminary investigation of this new strategy whether it originated with liberal Republican GOP Fairfax County Chairman Matt Ames or with liberal GOP State Chairman John Whitbeck. But clearly the two are competing with one another to see who can deliver the biggest swift kick out of the Republican Party of Virginia of its one and only State Committeeman who is a church-going, conservative, Spanish speaking Hispanic immigrant.

And if this works – as it appears it may within the next 30 days – then the technique will very likely be copied in other counties and states around America to target and kick out as a “racist bigot” whoever is the most well-known conservative Trump supporter.

Burgos received official notice that his repeated posts on social media supporting Donald Trump and advocating conservative views on a wide variety of issues prove that he is a bigot and a racist, just like President Trump.

Now I need to make an admission right here. While Fredy was loudly cheering for Donald Trump, like most other conservatives, I put him near the bottom of my list while being a Ted Cruz supporter. And I was honestly not sure if I could bring myself to vote for Donald Trump even after he won the nomination. So, I’m a late convert to the Trump cause but like lots of other conservatives, I’m now an enthusiast.

That’s why I’m alarmed about what it appears they are going to do this outspoken Trump supporter in Virginia.

Anti-Trump, anti-conservative coalition leader, Matt Ames says in a letter on the Fairfax County GOP letterhead addressed to its members, his rationale for going after Fredy Burgos, also a member of the local GOP county committee:

“…just because President Trump can break the rules doesn’t mean Fredy can. Fredy can’t get on Fox & Friends or Sean Hannity just by picking up the phone. He doesn’t have millions of Twitter followers. Donald Trump is unique, and he can do things and say things ordinary folks like Fredy and you and I just can’t.”

This written statement was picked up by the liberal-left Democrat blog, Blue Virginia, which reprinted the entire letter from Ames lobbying his GOP County Committee members to get rid of Fredy. They are positively gleeful that a Republican County Chairman attacks his own President like this – and Blue Virginia is of course, happy to see Fredy get the boot.

What exactly did Fredy do to get them so mad? Well, it doesn’t help that Fredy isn’t your basic establishment Republican’s idea of a good Hispanic or minority, who obediently carries his white master’s water buckets and echoes the party line, whatever it might be. What party line? The one which say the best way to beat liberal Democrats is to copy their ideas.

So, if you want to appeal to blacks, Hispanics, minorities, first generation Americans – you can’t shout “Build the Wall” at Trump Rallies. How did these people ever make the mistake of allowing Fredy to get on their State Central Committee in the first place, since he has no use at all for amnesty for illegals?

Fredy is no “me too” Republican who wants to simply echo the liberals. No. He is an unabashed conservative who has been a volunteer party worker for ten years and even gave a year of his life to take time away from his family and his small business to run for the state legislature. He won the Republican Party nomination and redoubles his hours ringing doorbells and making phone calls to bring votes – including especially, minority votes and the votes of people of faith – to his party in the general election.

While he did not win in the heavily Democratic district in the heavily Democratic county of Fairfax, Virginia, he did show the “regulars” how to reach out to the communities they haven’t done so well in for so many years including the faith community that liberal and establishment Republicans seem to like very much.

There’s a lot more to this fight to kick Fredy Burgos out of the GOP, but this much is clear. The odds strongly favor the establishment GOP effort to remove coalition conservative Burgos from any role in the Republican Party in Virginia. They don’t need conservatives like this Fredy Burgos in their leadership.

And, they are really tired of that “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap that Fredy sports and even more irritated with his other version of it imprinted with “Build the Wall.” This is just no way for a Spanish speaking immigrant GOP leader to act, they reason. That’s why, don’t you see, Fredy Burgos is obviously a racist and a bigot, say these educated white liberal Republicans about this Fredy with his English as a second language who works with his hands to install the windows and doors he sells as a small businessman in northern Virginia.

For those who might not recall, Virginia in recent years has turned from a “red” state, to purple and now is increasingly being considered very blue, with losses in recent statewide races for Governor and Senator. The establishment GOP campaigns run by most candidates for state office haven’t done so well, except from the perspective of the Democratic Governor and two Senators from Virginia of course.

Now there is a 2018 Senate race underway with strong Trump supporter and past state chairman Corey Stewart running for the GOP nomination and conservative challenger Shak Hill facing off against moderate and sometimes anti-Trump GOP Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. And there’s a race to replace the establishment, liberal GOP County Chairman, which will be settled at a county convention sometime in the next month.

But what is the reason they are citing for the recent firestorm directed at Fredy Burgos? He quoted the nation’s first Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Jay (served 1789-1795), who opined that it would be a good thing to elect more Christians to office.

I would myself, never say that. But it is a quote about appeared on the website of the very respected Wallbuilders organization, whose leader, David Barton, is a bestselling author who I first discovered when he was a frequent guest on the old Fox TV Glenn Beck show. John Jay was appointed by our first President, George Washington, so it is hardly fair to claim that Fredy’s quote shows he doesn’t understand the U.S. Constitution. So Fredy’s critics are better experts about the Constitution than the nation’s first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appointed by our nation’s first President? Really?

It is hardly accurate as they are saying, that Fredy’s citing this quote on his Facebook page, means that he hates Jews, Catholics and Muslims and hates the U.S. Constitution, but that basically, is exactly what his detracters led by VA GOP state chairman John Whitbeck and Fairfax, VA GOP Chairman Matt Ames, are saying over and over again.

In fact, Fredy removed the John Jay quote the same day that he got a call asking him to from the Virginia State GOP Chairman. The only reason so many people even know about this is because the liberal Republicans have been circulating their blogs and emails citing the long-since removed post for the past several weeks.

And, they go on and on and on about it, blasting emails out several times a week using Republican Party lists and funds, which finally made their way to the liberal-left Democrat Blue Virginia blog, the Washington Post and other “mainstream” media sources. And of course, all of these sources repeat the same party line about Fredy Burgos – that he is a racist, a bigot, and that he hates Catholics, Jews, Muslims, blacks, minorities and immigrants and they all claim that Fredy said what actually, George Washington’s appointee, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay, actually said.

And they all say (endlessly and repetitively) that Fredy is circulating hatred of Jews, Catholics, Muslims, blacks, minorities, immigrants.

Now, the only hatred I’ve seen in the Fredy Burgos battle is that directed at him by John Whitbeck, Matt Ames and their friends at liberal-left blogs such as the pseudo-Republican Bearing Drift and the liberal-Democrat Blue Virginia.
Whew. All of that pent up anger about President Trump and about conservatives and church-going Christians in the GOP and now they finally have a target.

They just cannot wait until the 2020 election when Fredy’s term is up to see if they can defeat him in a vote by the Congressional District GOP Committee that elected him. They have a special meeting called and they have the votes now, they announced this past Thursday, to remove this troublemaker.

Well, we don’t have to waste a lot of time on this, or hear any defense by Fredy Burgos. No sir. We can just proceed to kick him right out they are saying. Matt Ames writes (according to Blue Virginia), “we don’t need an investigation, and nobody is overreacting… Fredy has to be removed from the State Central Committee… he has given up the right to represent us.”

Although the attacks on him have been going on for more than a week, and Republican State Chairman John Whitbeck wrote to tell Fredy Burgos that they now have the votes to expel him as a member of their state central committee without ever hearing his side, Fredy Burgos has just now started to tell his story, after (he reports) talking to friends, praying and thinking about what he should do. His vehicle is a new website and blog. A media post there last night states,

“Fredy repudiates the lies and defamations said about him to persuade so many to find him guilty without ever hearing his side. He has started his own blog to share his side of the issues that so many of what he calls “liberals and no-issue establishment Republicans” find abhorrent.” You can read the entire statement here: http://burgostruth.com/2018/02/fredy-burgos-reply-to-va-gop-chairman-demand-to-resign-and-notice-of-meeting-to-expel.

Calling it “BurgosTruth.com” Fredy seeks subscribers. He promises that he will have a lot more to say about this alliance of liberal and establishment Republicans and the conservative members of the State Central Committee who fear them so much they plan to vote to expel him. You can subscribe or write an encouraging note to him, [email protected] And you can Facebook friend him: Fredy Burgos.
I plan to learn more about this one-sided battle, a true “David and Goliath” contest if ever I heard of one. Fredy Burgos has already posted three articles about his fight and makes clear he isn’t going to take the advice of the GOP State and County Chairmen to quietly resign but will instead defend himself.
I anticipate that anyone who defends Fredy Burgos (including most likely the undersigned) is likely to find themselves on the receiving end of the same Alinsky smear and demonize tactics we all deplore when used by liberal Democrats on Republicans and conservatives. The few sources I checked with in Virginia, tell me that is why so far, there’s been a very one-sided fight. But with BurgosTruth, that may be about to change, and it might be his opponents who end up being on the defensive.

Perhaps you are not a fan of the movie, Forrest Gump. But “stupid is as stupid does” has become well known because of this movie. For those who think my characterization of GOP state and Fairfax county chairmen John Whitbeck and Matt Ames as establishment liberals might be strong – after all I don’t know them, I have never even met either of them, heard them speak or even seen them. But, I defer to Gump’s Law. Liberal is as liberal does.

Any effort to remove coalition conservative immigrant Fredy Burgos as a GOP State Committeeman, marks those doing it as liberal Republicans. Fredy is going to call them out. And I’ll be cheering him on from my perch here at REDSTATE. Lets have some BurgosTruth.
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