Who won the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debate last night?

Who do you think won the debate between Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last night?  We think Trump won, hands down, scoring against Hillary repeatedly.  How about you?

We also think Trump put the recent lewd video controversy on the back burner (for record: we were disgusted but not surprised, but what conservative would say that it persuaded them to vote for Hillary, as a result?).

What do you think?


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Our report and observations about the debate follow.

Favorite line: (pardon our rephrase): I know about Honest Abe.  He never lied.  You never told the truth.  Hillary had been admitted she has a public stance on issues, but also a private stance, in a now-leaked email.  Called out on it, she blamed it on the civil war President who, she claims, did the same thing.  Trump rebutted, saying about “the late, great Abraham Lincoln… Honest Abe, he never lied, that’s the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.”

Trump: “She calls our people deplorable… I’ll be the President for all the people.”

Trump on ISIS… after Barack Obama and Hillary now we have ISIS, “they’re in 32 different countries, nice job Hillary.”

Lost chance (by Trump), after she made a big deal out of Trump’s supposed admiration of Putin and his dealings with Russia which favors him for election as President: You’re the one who let them have all our secrets by your criminal mishandling of top secret information and your own insecure, illegal personal email server, and you’re the one who gave them control of the world and American market for rare uranium after the Russians gave your private Clinton foundation millions of dollars, all spelled out in Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash.

Outstanding idea: 4 Bill Clinton accusers sitting front row next to Trump’s family, and then on to the spin room afterwards.  “Rape, sexual assault are not infidelities, they are crimes” said Kathleen Wiley, Bill Clinton rape victim verbally assaulted by Hillary Clinton at the time.

Trump: “For you to say there was nothing wrong with deleting 39 thousand emails, and this was after getting a subpoena from the U.S. congress… you should be put in jail.”

Trump: “If I win, I’m going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. (there are) people whose lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done and they are in jail.”

Most irritating (Trump t0 Anderson Cooper).  “I’d like to know Anderson why you are not bringing up her emails.”

Even more irritating: Martha Raddatz, the other moderator, actually challenged something he said and rebutted it, causing him to engage her in debate (isn’t that the job of the OTHER candidate in the debate?).

Big mistake.  Hillary said “it’s a good thing you’re not in charge of the law in our country” and Trump quipped a quick, short and deadly retort, “because you’d be in jail.”

Ominous line: Hillary’s, “I want to invest in you, I want to invest in your family.”  Spare me.

Lost opportunity/winning lines: Hillary promoted her website with a specific “call to action” 3 times; Trump never ever once called for visit to the Trump for President website.

Great Trump lines:

Regarding Obamacare, a “disastrous plan, and it has to be repealed and replaced.”

“I will knock the hell out of ISIS, we’re going to defeat ISIS.”

Journalist comment most stupid/biased: Megyn Kelly, immediately saying afterwards, “its a bad night for America.”  Laura Ingraham politely corrected her, and even liberal Fox commentator Juan Williams in that same segment called Trump “the man of the hour” for his debate performance.  (note: this was an unprofessional and totally uncalled for attack on the debate, apparently motivated by her certain knowledge that Trump had disappointed her by winning the debate; this is being written by someone who has been a fan of hers and a critic of Sean Hannity for going way overboard and unprofessional in his fawning all over Donald Trump during the primaries).

The question of the night: did Trump’s debate performance and the presence of 4 victims of Bill Clinton, put the lewd video clip problem to the side?

Notable takeaway of the debate/post mortem: the undecided panel of pollster Frank Luntz overwhelmingly called Trump the winner and said they were now more inclined to vote for Trump.  IMPORTANT: when you hear liberals, leftists, lamestream media and allied Never Trumpers say that regardless of who won, it changed no minds because those who like Hillary will say she won and Trump supporters will say he won. NOT TRUE.

Action to take: weigh in on this, via email, REDSTATE, via Facebook, using whatever forum you have available to you.

And for those who will be at the Freedom Leadership Conference this Wed., October 12, there will be a 10 minute “Lightning Round” devoted to 1 minute each comments from audience members about this debate and this campaign for President, first come first served, write to request a slot to [email protected].  We will also publish comments sent to us on the website FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

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VCDL President Philip Van Cleave will address the conference on the threat to gun rights in America on election day 2016.  Van Cleave and his organization filed a lawsuit against Katie Couric and other responsible parties for their film, “Under the Gun” in Federal District Court.

The phony “documentary” made it appear that VCDL leaders were totally stumped by Katie Couric’s question about background checks – with a long pause indicating their confusion and inability to answer.  The only problem was, it was totally false – they had immediately responded but the film was edited to falsely make them look stupid.  Read the full story (and see the Greg Gutfeld video) HERE.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of two-times past Conference sponsor Gun Owners of America, has confirmed to attend and will be given time to address the conference.

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