Chihuahua. The rabid, barking dog Tim Kaine

One of my favorite places to find out what thinking conservatives are saying is the Young Americans for Freedom (adult) alumni group at google, the informal “listserv” of alumni who go back to the 1960’s and 1970’s.  While it is a closed group (and not internet searchable) and moderated (its purpose is to build up and edify conservatives, particularly YAF alumni, and this is strictly enforced by four alumni moderators) this message I just got is worth sharing.  So here it is, from an unapologetic primary supporter of Ted Cruz who is today a reluctant Trump supporter but an enthusiastic Mike Pence supporter.

“Who won, who did well, what was your favorite parts of the VP debate tonight?  Ours (wife and I):

Chihuahua.  The rabid, barking dog Tim Kaine

That’s our impression after watching the debate – Tim Kaine was a mad, rabid, barking dog – a little Chihuahua with little substance but lots of noise – the whole time in contrast to gentleman Mike Pence who time and again made solid points in defense of conservative philosophy, never allowed himself to be diminished by the rudeness and the lies thrown in his face, and scored by his demeanor and ability to speak rationally but firmly the whole 90 minutes without letup.

The number of lies which came out of the mouth of Kaine was absolutely staggering – over and over, in many cases like a mantra, a repetition which became irritating.

I did not see too many instances where Kaine could just shut up for a minute or 2 and allow Mike Pence to finish a sentence or finish a thought or just get his own time to speak.  The barking and sniping continued throughout the 90 minutes without regard for the time allocated but not allowed for Mike Pence.  There is no doubt that the interruptions were planned, with canned insults coming out over and over again.

We think Mike Pence did a great job and scored some very excellent points, despite the constant interruptions.

But we don’t underestimate how many millions of Americans will be sold on the lies they heard tonight which were so often, so frequent and so massive.”

A major part of a debate like tonight is the “spin” that takes place afterwards.  If you agree that Mike Pence won and would be the better choice as part of the Trump-Pence ticket, then you need to speak out right now, and let your friends know.  So pass the word.  This is a vitally important part of the campaign.


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