Was Ghastly "Care" Website Deliberate?

Concern mounts that the glaring deficiencies in the Affordable Care Act, with its Marxian-styled name, were deliberate. After all, evil is not synonymous with dumb. Federal government employees oversaw development of the humongous “spy center” in Utah, which reportedly possesses the ability to quickly turn the United States into a police state. Apparently, it’s functioning well in the desert. Serving “the purpose?”

Interesting that the “spy center” came before the “Care” site. However, the latter website has an entirely different purpose. Its non-function, ill function and likely future malfunction might greatly facilitate the Marxian Coalition’s agenda. And what was their agenda? Apparently, not for even a semblance of satisfactory performance, but remember, the Coalition’s goals are quite different from those of patriotic citizens. Adept in creating crises, these followers of Saul Alinsky may be well pleased with themselves.

Their goals are recognized by what they do for each other, these fellow travelers consisting of uneasy cronies, “friendly” enemies and useful drones. Observe that the flip side of “for each other” is often against millions of citizens who support the Constitution.

Refusal to prosecute voter intimidation at the polls was for one branch while against scores of law-abiding citizens. A policy to hire only union members on Federal construction jobs was for another branch on the Marxian tree, while discriminating against many other qualified workers. Amnesty and open borders is for a twig of the Coalition, but works against millions of citizens. And playing games instead of seriously fighting terrorism is for a favored faction of the Coalition but works against millions of law-abiding citizens.

Consider the Coalition’s End Game. It offers clarity on why the website’s sickly performance may be just what their Dr. Frankenstein ordered. We know for sure: You didn’t build that, the government did!