Dems Parroting Bipartisanship Is Hypocrisy

They don’t seem to care how boring they get. Or how ridiculous they look.

Where was their penchant for bipartisanship while forcing Obama “care” upon citizens? Non-existent. They met behind closed doors, locking Republican Congressmen out of meetings like carriers of the plague.

Democrats held bipartisanship in contempt while ramming through their own socialist agenda. Their lack of integrity is obvious. It’s merely another tactic against their colleagues across the aisle. Their use of Saul Alinsky’s instruction “nothing is sacred” is evident – again.  Alinsky’s point might be interpreted to mean no lie is too big.

Newt Gingrich put is well recently when he said Republicans weren’t as good at telling the truth as Democrats are at lying.

The truth is, bipartisanship means nothing to socialists, nothing to dishonest people whose major concern seems to be taking down this nation, bit by bit, with any means. And they appear to employ many.

To gain some perspective, let it be remembered than an entire race of United States citizens is glad Republicans did not get hung up on bipartisanship when they ended the atrocious practice of slavery.