In 1976, authorities in Singapore arrested two influential “journalists” for using newspapers to advance their political ideology through propaganda. It was learned their strategy consisted of six steps. (See Target America by James Tyson, page 67.)

1. Soften up Malaysian society to make it more receptive to communism.

2. Use propaganda to weaken the people’s faith in their religion.

3. Neutralize leaders who speak out against communism, but support the drones.

4. Create division among organizations and leaders who speak out against communism.

5. Instigate despair and hostility in the population toward the noncommunist, Malaysian government.

6. After creating rampant chaos and problems, persistently offer communism is such a manner that “the masses” will accept it as the only solution. And if they don’t? The power of persuasion becomes the persuasion of power.

With some overlapping in the United States, Marxists focused mainly on steps one and two in the 1960s. (See A Trumpet for Reason, by Leo Rosten.) Steps three through five are now obvious, and this ilk pants to complete number six.

1. Marxists softened USA society on a bed of poison ivy, including promises to wipe out intolerance, unemployment, greed and the “lying press.” (We hadn’t seen the real lying press then!) Their “utopia,” built upon “idealism and compassion,” would level the playing field, redistribute wealth, and put “better, less boring” professors in the universities. Among other things. Their “compassionate leaders” would have the power to eliminate all injustice! But years later, a caller at the tip of the iceberg warned a conservative talk radio host, “When we get control, we’ll ‘take care’ of people like you!” Another “utopian” bitterly vowed, “You haven’t seen the real holocaust yet!

2. An onslaught on morality and church influence mocked, ridiculed and diminished Christians. Believers in God were labeled ignorant, crosses soaked in jars of urine. A culture hostile to Christians was allowed to flourish. The Baptist church was labeled a “cult!” Not yet implemented, designs are on Christian churches to bar them from operating daycare centers. Police picked up Christians for passing out flyers on a public street. (They “might” cause a riot.) At least one town moved to forbid Bible study in Christian homes.

Laughably, a NPR program fear mongered that George W. Bush intended to establish a theocracy. A 2009 “stimulus” limited religious speech and worship on USA public school campuses. We were told the USA is “not a Christian nation.” It “might” even have more Muslims than Christians! Propaganda spewed that it was not founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but watch out for those “bitter Bible clingers!”

3. Marxist vitriol against patriots has dripped like blood on the battlefield. To this day, most patriots are fearful to mention the name, Joseph McCarthy, though he was vindicated by the Verona files. Professors with integrity were blown off universities. Some, almost literally. As steadily as the SDS took control of student newspapers, a second wind gobbled up media in general. (Hollywood had become a lost cause before the 1960s.) For decades, patriots cowered in droves, opening the door for Marxists to flood the land with propaganda and to further infiltrate the government.

Then along came Ronald Reagan, a thorn in the Marxist flesh with the courage to speak up. The indoctrinated feared he would “cause a great war.” Patriots were virtually hounded out of television. A few, like Rush Limbaugh, held freedom’s line over the airwaves of radio. Time passed, drones were rewarded, neocons born. Then September 11, 2001. Finally, patriots began speaking out, bravely flying in the face of the six-stage strategy.

4. Though that jig is up, Marxists and company play the tired, old race card to this day. Division is the name of their game. Propaganda rails against the Tea Party, maligning it to members of Congress and any groups or organizations willing to listen. Though the old race-victim card is basic, this blight on the land attempts to divide and conquer with many deceptions.

5. Socialists and their minions batter and blame our form of government. These despisers of the United States Constitution hope the very citizens they render desperate and hostile will accept their “solution.” (Change!)

6. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” If one doesn’t exist, create it. Foster chaos and fear with stories that the sky is falling. Swine flu will kill half the world’s population! Now! Global warming will wipe the human race off the planet! Now! (Unless you give us still more tax money and control of your lives.) Banks and the auto industry must be nationalized, now! Without our control of the healthcare industry, “millions will die!” Watch out, patriots are “potential terrorists!” Only we can “save you!” Now!

Though there are many comparisons, one significant contrast stands out: when Singapore discovered anti-government activity in the 1970s, authorities did something about it.