Romney Pandering to Liberal/Moderate Republican Supporters

Romney and his blind followers woke up this morning with Florida under their belts. Good for them. Bad for true Conservatives that have actually paid attention in recent history. Romney and the Liberal Republicans that he attracts are bad for the Conservative movement. The numbers don’t lie.

Exit polls asked voters many questions (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/elections/2012/florida-primary-jan-31/exit-polls) Of them, these two following questions produced very interesting results.

On most political matters, do you consider yourself:
Total: 69% /Paul 6%/Gingrich 37%/Romney 41%/Santorum 16%/
Total: 31% /Paul 11%/Gingrich 20%/Romney 59%/Santorum 7%/

How do you feel about the Tea Party movement:
Strongly support?
Total 35% /Paul 5%/Gingrich 45%/Romney 33%/Santorum 17%/
Somewhat support?
Total 30% /Paul 8%/Gingrich 28%/Romney 50%/Santorum 13%/
Total 23% /Paul 8%/Gingrich 22%/Romney 57%/Santorum 10%/
Somewhat oppose?
Total 5% /Paul 7%/Gingrich 17%/Romney 62%/Santorum 11%/
Strongly oppose?
Total 4% /Paul -/Gingrich -/Romney -/Santorum -/

If these numbers don’t scream moderate/liberal Republican, then I don’t know what will. If it doesn’t to you after a second take, consider yourself a lost cause. He nor his constituents can explain his liberal ideology. I’m still thinking that I’ll write in Bruins goalie Tim Thomas. I think people need to take a serious second-look at this candidate. He is not who he portrays himself to be, he tries to be everything to everyone. As my friend told me this morning, any politician that panders to voters is the worst kind of politician. Romney is that kind of politician. He’ll say and do anything to get elected. If he’s elected, I predict, he’ll make G.W. Bush look good. That friend also brought to my attention what Mark Levin said yesterday. He said that the republican that Romney reminds him the most of is Nixon. He ran for president as a conservative, but governed as a liberal.

The exit poll numbers were confusing, and if you are truly a conservative, they should confuse you as well. 62% of those that somewhat oppose the Tea Party are Romney supporters. 57% of those that are neutral about the tea party are Romney supporters. He does claim to be a conservative, but it’s all out there in the open that he obviously is not one. Prime example, ROMNEYCARE. My question is, who are these people that are voting for Romney??? Of those that consider themselves liberals/moderates on political matters, 59% hold Romney close to their hearts. Even scarier is that 41% who consider themselves “conservatives” voted for Romney. Sounds to me like these people have bought the lie that he is the only one that can beat Obama. We have been lying to ourselves. You guys can yell and scream comments all day long, but it doesn’t make it true.

And, let me tell you liberal/moderate Romney supporters one other thing, Obama is at the White House or the golf course or Hawaii or Camp David or playing basketball, laughing at all of you, calling you the useful idiots that you are. Sounds to me like there are too many RINO’s in Florida. Maybe it’s all the sun we get here, or maybe our lazy country won’t do it’s homework. Instead, they are more like kids, buying into advertisements and sound bytes. So, don’t come crying to real conservatives when Romney doesn’t do anything that he promised IF he’s elected.