"Compromise" Was How This Country Was Founded. Wrong.


Mark Levin on Colin Powell’s mushy moderate views about slavery and the founding fathers. I am glad to hear Mark Levin debunk this idea that we hear more and more from the left-leaning moderates and the statists. Colin Powell, who jumped on the band wagon when he endorsed Obama, has said that this country was founded on compromise. When people use the word compromise, as Powell has done, they are only giving credence to a total misunderstanding of our country’s founding. Compromise is something that we as conservatives need to address, and I think we have started doing so. It’s wrong to compromise on your principles is the point here. “Compromise was not how this country was founded. A Revolutionary war was how this country was founded.” I couldn’t have said it any better. That’s why I am just providing the video and short commentary. Enjoy.

The audio and picture are NOT owned by me. This is the property of Mark Levin and his associates. I am just borrowing it to use as reference.
(See “http:///www.marklevinshow.com” for full audio: 11/28/2011 show)