Redundant Talking Points Get Attention From Those Who Don't Pay Attention

Where is the 2011 fiscal budget? 2010? 2009? That’s we should be asking, not criticizing those in our own base (Billy Kristol and other RINO’s). I continue to hear claims that we (mouse in their pocket) made a step forward when we stopped the government from shutting down Friday, April 8, 2011. Now, we are at the crossroads again and we hear the same damn thing. The last time I checked I voted along with many other Americans last November to cut this political dance OUT. Bill Kristol’s weekly standard story Erick pointed out this morning is just the perfect example of dithering from the old Republic scared that they will lose their jobs.

Both sides talking points were different, but their plans are relatively the same. All day before the April 8 deadline this year, all I heard was; “we made the biggest cuts ever!”. Technically speaking, that was true. The fact of the matter is that those cuts are nothing based on current spending levels. And to give into a plan that cuts relatively nothing, doesn’t permanently cap anything for future Congresses, and certainly doesn’t balance the budget is a betrayal of conservative principles. This mess from the RINO’s is the same old tactic they always use to save their own hides. I tell you what, you go with this plan, you WILL be voted out next year! Period!