George Washington McNugget Feels Rath of eBay

A Nebraska woman trying to raise funds for her church youth to attend summer camp has felt the rath of eBay.  She is auctioning a McNugget that really does resemble George Washington. After reaching a whopping $10,000, eBay decided to yank the auction claiming it was expired food, even though it has remained frozen, albeit for 3 years.  The auction clearly stated that it was not for human consumtion.

After numerous complaints eBay relented, however the auction re-started from $0.  At last look, it was up to $3,150.  eBay did say they would contact all bidders, but I have talked to a bidder and they have yet to be contacted, it’s been over 24 hours…more than enough time in a world that travels at net speed.

Potential bidders, complaining it was removed, were told that it should not have been listed under food.  When eBay was  told it wasn”t listed under food, they said, it was past the expiration date.  Excuses after excuses.

Finally, when eBay relented, they said they would make an exception, because of the charitable nature.  Although, one e-mail from eBay stated that it was removed in error.  Well, which is it.

My unofficial opininion is that some liberal anti religious employee removed it because of the high dollar amount, that they could not stand seeing going to a church youth group.  After all, it had already been up almost 2 days and not removed until it reached the $10,000 mark.  It had also gone viral…it was picked up by newspapers in Canada, France, England, and Pakistan.  Websites allover the country had also picked it up, MSN, Huffington Post, Yahoo News and many others. Even Jay Leno had joked about it on his monologue on 2/24/2012.

I can”t help but wonder, if not for the many complaints, whether eBay would have told her, too bad, and the big losers would have been the church youth.

All those interested in the auction can click here:

Rare George Washington McNugget Auction for Church Youth 

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