Bogus Polls - Republican vs Obama

I was recently looking at poll numbers for Obama verses any and all Republican candidates.  At first glance, it appears that Republicans are not doing all that well.  BUT, that’s at first glance.  Let’s look at the devil, which we all know is in the details.

Real Clear Politics, has Obama over Romney by 4.2.  Santorum is down by 8.6, although a Rasmussen poll has him over Obama by 1. Gingrich down by 10.6.  The important number that most media folks forget to look at (for obvious reasons) is…Obama’s actual support.  Against Romney he has 48.3% support and against Santorum, he has 49.8%.  It’s only against Gingrich that he breaks through the 50% point at 51%.  Even against Paul he only draws 48.2%. 

I can’t help but remember hearing over and over again, during Bush the Junior’s re-election that the 50% magic number was SO important…all of a sudden it lost it’s appeal.

But I digress…why are the polls vs Obama so bogus.  Simple…Romney bad mouths Gingrich…Gingrich bad mouths Romney…the press bad mouths both…Santorum bad mouths Gingrich…and so on and on it goes, all throughout the primary season.  Obama only gets a tiny bit of trashing by the Republican candidates and props and kudos by the news media.  Hardly an even platform.

It’s the old case of apples vs oranges or as the press would have you believe, it’s a case of the old mean-spirited Republican against the bright shing star and all omniscient Obama. 

So, until a Republican is chosen and that candidate goes head to head with Obama, all those polls are bogus and about as useful as Michelle’s healthy food list in Barack’s hand (the one that’s not holding the ice cream cone).