Today is the day Nan Hayworth lost NY-19 for us

On top of a disappointing track record of voting with the leaders to continue spending money no one will ever have, today was a double-plus-ungood day for Nan Hayworth. On the same day she voted against PRENDA and thus for the “right” to kill unborn children who have the temerity to be the wrong gender, her spokesman, Jay Townsend, apparently has had a comment he made blown sky high, unleashing a firestorm of Progressive outrage. Whatever the context of his comment, it’s going to be difficult to defend his suggestion that we “hurl acid at those female Democratic Senators.”

If she was trying to fly under the radar and cruise to re-election, she can forget about that now. As I wrote on her Facebook page, I’d rather NY-19 was held by a D, that way I wouldn’t feel betrayed. She rode the Tea Party wave to election in 2010, but she’s just another New York RINO. I will not miss her.