An unanswered email to Patricia Killian, Chair of the Dutchess County NY Conservative Party

She has chosen to ignore me thus far, so somebody please tell me if I’m out of line here:

Dear Ms. Killian,

I received your flyer in the mail, reminding me to vote yesterday. Imagine my surprise to see that idiot Bill Dahnke on the Conservative line. If he’s a Conservative then Dede Scozzafava was a Republican. And we saw how THAT turned out. I would like to know two things before I decide to leave the Conservative Party and become an independent voter:

1. I assume there was some kind of “deal” promulgated to allow Dahnke to claim the Conservative nomination. What was the deal and who was in on it?

When I first came to New York (against my will, as this is where my wife’s parents live and are too old to live alone and refused to move near US), I quickly realized that the Republican Party in New York was left-of-center and not at all representative of what the Republican Party meant nationally at the time (1996). So I switched my affiliation to Conservative. Then I learned the hard way that the Conservative Party doesn’t hold nominating primaries like the Republican Party does. (My wife has still not forgiven me for this. She and I both would rather have a chance to vote in a primary) Not that I ever tried very hard but I never did figure out how individual party members could express their preferences, other than to be on the working end of a nominating petition you were circulating. (I never saw one that had a choice of names on it. You all decided who you were going to nominate somehow and then you bring the paperwork out to the members to rubber stamp it.)

2. Is there such a dearth of real fiscal conservatives out there that we are stuck accepting a liberal hack Democrat union leader as a CONSERVATIVE, in order to prevent not having a nominee at all? Hickman should be ashamed of himself, but my opinion of HIM is little better.

My wife attended a meeting with Assemblyman Molinaro recently. I was out of town and was not able to attend. The story she brought back leads me to the conclusion that I will never vote for that man again. He is a spineless, defeated wimp with no principles to call his very own and seems to be of the class that decides that they are going to be a professional politician instead of the transient citizen servants that Thomas Jefferson envisioned. His solution to the problem of the NY Assembly passing bills we don’t agree with? “Don’t bother writing to the Democrats because you’ll never change their minds. Just write to us who vote the way you like and tell us we’re doing a good job.” What kind of crap is that? Why isn’t he out in front of the cameras working to change people’s hearts and minds? No one who has spent any time in this state should be under any illusion that the Assembly could ever go Republican while New York City is part of the state, but that does not excuse representatives elected by conservative majorities from getting out there and being heard.

Please stop nominating Democrats and liberal squish Republicans just to have someone on the party line at the ballot box. And please notice that I used the term ‘fiscal conservative’ in my second question. Other than being pro-life, I really couldn’t care less what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes. The emphasis for 2010 and 2012 needs to be on cutting spending, getting the government OUT of our lives instead of intruding in it more and more, and stimulating business investment by stepping out of the way. Lower taxes and less nanny-state regulation will encourage business growth and job growth, not confiscatory taxation and tighter government control over every aspect of life. We can’t let the Democrats define what Conservatism means because the way we know they’re lying is if we see their lips moving.

With Respect (but still a bit of exasperation),

Michael Alexis