Our Distilled National Essence

Our Distilled National Essence

By Patrick Pittman

The dawn of our nation witnessed the flight of a persecuted people who fled from tyranny only to have it follow them to their new world. They then realized that they must fight that evil and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to secure their liberation from the injustices that reigned upon them from a belligerent King and his minions. That pledge was paid in blood and treasure and in that fire was forged the constitution of a new nation. A constitution that emerged as the guarantor of liberty and became the protector of the values that would guide the most successful free nation that the world had ever seen.

That constitution spelled out in detail the powers that were given and limited to the trustees of that nation. In the crucible of war, and through the evolution of our national culture, our nation emerged with a complex set of statutes and contracts that spelled out the details of our relative structure.

Our societal bonds became evident in and defined by the simple core philosophies that described our national genesis and those ideas became the impetus for the growth and success of a diverse set of cultures culminating into one:

-Individual Liberty

-Protection of private property rights

-Equal protection under the law

-The right of the individual to protect him/her self

-Limited Government

-Self reliance (self determination)

Our nation’s legacy has described a people protected from the tyranny of government and those agents of force who would usurp that which we hold most dear and that which we cannot compromise: The Rule of Law and The Protection of Individual liberty.

Our modern devolution from that standard has been witnessed by an entire generation of citizens who stood by as the trustees of our great mantle have become corrupted by their own human frailties and have then degraded our sanctuary for their own selfish ends.

The time has come for the spirit of liberty to reaffirm its tenacity and regain the helm of our Constitutional vessel.

The complications that rise from the divided parties and convoluted values that they have come to represent must now be refined and distilled to the purity of our national birth. Our Charter must be renewed and reaffirmed as one of liberty and returned to the realm of freedom, wrested from the false promise of security that is offered by the tyrants that would run our Ship into the shoals of bureaucratic subordination.

There is no true freedom without the freedom for individuals to fail from their poor life’s decisions as well as to succeed from their good decisions.

It is not emancipation when the bureaucracy of tyrants promises the false security of a “safety net “on the blood of our neighbor’s toil. Self reliance is the greatest path toward the promise of self actualization, and the individual citizen has not a nobler goal for his society than to remove himself from their list of burdens.

We have learned that equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of result and the government cannot be the guarantor of result without enslaving one citizen for the sake of another. We see the nobility of charity and the moral goodness it creates for those in our society who have fallen behind, but the very morality of charitable action relies upon its voluntary inception. The Nature of nature is that a free people can only remain free with a voluntary heart and a purposeful arrangement with those who seek alms. There is only one way to ensure self reliance in our neighbors. And that is to permit them the freedom to fail.

Without this important freedom we have no true claim of liberty, and without liberty we are no longer the great beacon of hope for a World of our neighbors whose necks now lay stretched under the boots of bureaucrats and warlords as our founders saw firsthand in their own world more than two centuries ago.

We have in our power now the great fortune of a system not wholly corrupted to the point where only a sword will return our freedom and thus we must vote. We are no longer confounded by the promise of security in the guise of a larger blanket of protective government salvation.

We now have had our collective eyes opened to the true nature of the corruption of our present keepers of the Helm. It is time for them to go. Those who promise anything other than liberty are promising the coin taken by force from your neighbor’s purse. They are promising, in essence, to enslave one citizen for the sake of another. They are promising evil. It is time for them to go. And it is time for us to recognize that the masses have discovered that they can vote for themselves the largesse of the treasury. To save our republic we must regain our sacred trust in the form of preserving the Ideals that were distilled from that constitution and list them as we ask our new trustees where they stand in relation to that Mandate.

Patrick Pittman

January 9, 2010