New Life

Ok, I’ll be honest, when I first realized that McCain would be the GOP candidate for this November, I was not excited. In fact, I was so discouraged that I was trying to decide whether I should even cast a vote. I figured that if I was going to vote for McCain, it would probably only be if I thought that our country would be completely incapable of recovering from an Obama (or Clinton) administration.

Then came Saddleback. I can’t say that I got excited, but I started to feel that this man might actually deserve the nomination that he received. Granted, their were, and still are, issues on which I disagreed with McCain, but the forum helped give some perspective on the issues that are truly most important, and these are the issues that McCain rocks on: Abortion, Judicial Appointments, School Choice, Taxes, and National Defense. I was encouraged to hear McCain speak with passion and substance about the things that I care about. I was still uncertain, but view of McCain definitely began to soften.

And then, Friday. What can I say? Besides being a politically brilliant move (and I’m not just talking about the fact that Pailin is a woman), McCain chose a running mate that has lived and walked the change that we really need in Washington. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if there is a better pick that he could have made, at least, not in my eyes.

I was so encouraged by the pick, that I decided to completely re-examine my view of McCain. There are still issues on which I hold views opposite that of Mccain, but they are much fewer than those on which I completely agree. I decided to do some reading on his web site to get a better understanding of some of his specific policies, and I was impressed. I don’t think that McCain is perfect, and I’m sure there will always be disagreements, but then, I’m sure this would be the case with any presidential nominee. What I have decided though, is that not only am I willing to vote for McCain in November, but I am actually excited about the opportunity to do so and think that McCain will provide the leadership that this country needs to make sure that our “Best Days are still Ahead”.