Volt Rechargeable Heated Slippers

If you are the one looking for diabetic slippers, heat relief for arthritis or just looking for something to simply keep your feet cozy warm, the Volt heated slippers are the perfect solution. It can vary from being a mild annoyance to being the symptom of an underlying disease. You may even suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon which is a condition that affects blood circulation to the fingers and toes. Women are up to 10 times more likely to suffer from cold feet then men. Women have more evenly distributed fat layers, providing internal insulation. But while the result is that the blood supply favors protecting core organs and trunk over extremities, which means less blood, flows to the hands and feet. Men on the other hand have more heat-generating muscle mass, better supplied by blood vessels, increasing blood flow and therefore, warmth.

A unique feature to the Volt Heated Slippers are a built-in “smart” thermostat control that automatically adjusts heat output for optimal thermal comfort. When the slippers reach a max temperature they will automatically shut off, allowing for maximum battery efficiency and helping to eliminate overheating. The system will then monitor the temperature of the inside environment of the slipper and automatically turn back on when necessary. The result? A hands free, self regulating system that allows you to forget about cold feet for hours upon hours. But with soothing heat from the Volt heated indoor/outdoors slippers you can enjoy hours of warmth for your feet regardless of gender, age or lifestyle. Simply slip them on, push the power button and say goodbye to cold feet!