Jasmine directory

If you have a business then you’ll know how hard it was when you first set up to promote it. You probably didn’t have a website and the only way to get word out on the street about it was through ads in the paper, word of mouth and posters plastered around the town. You are probably always looking for ways to reach new potential clients but realising it’s harder than it looks. Jasmine Directory is a business web directory that is 100% SEO friendly. Each business listing is seperated into a category and it is given a detailed description along with a screenshot of the business’s website. It is W3 css and HTML valid. It it very easy to navigate which will make submitting your site a piece of cake. When you submit your site to the listing you are able to submit 5 deep URLS, which could be the most accessed pages of your site. And the best thing about the directory? It saves you valuable time and money – everyone knows how expensive it can be to advertise in newspapers and on the tv.

Jasmine directory is staffed with people who are ready to help you to reach your full potential so you can be rest assured that they will do everything in their power to make your business known to potential customers. Not only is this directory for businesses, but if you have a blog like I do, you can submit your site too. So you’ll be able to gain new readership and increase your page rank. It’s something I’m seriously thinking about doing. I’d really like to get my site out there and gain some news visitors. I’ve tried doing all the usual ways of getting news visitors such as commenting on other people’s blog entries and putting my button on a plugboard. If you want your business to succeed in today’s technically advanced world that we live in, submit your site the Jasmine Directory