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There are so many problems we face in our daily life, hardly there are people without one or more problems, but the intensity varies. And also the capability of mind to cope with it. Stress has become the major element of life leading to domestic violence, depression etc due to financial crisis, loneliness, failure, discrimination etc. and we can cope with it only if we ourselves move our energy in recovery than own destruction. We hide ourselves in closed doors and do more harm to ourselves in the bad times. Dark Q gay blog talks about 5 ways to kill these harmful symptoms before they start killing us, we ourselves can destroy us or help us get back to pleasant life.

Personally I have several gay friends. I have had friends who share their fears, feelings and insecurities with me. Frankly I have never had any sort of odd feelings about them and after having such friends, I thoroughly understood the kind of trauma which they go through that they don’t deserve a bit. As a part of my concern for them, I prefer to recommend this gay blog which I came across online. It is a blog exclusively for the gays. The blog has several articles that are directly from gays and also from people that support gays. There are also many stories that display their emotions and experiences that exhibit the problems that they go through on a daily basis. If you are new to the concept of gay, I recommend you to go through this gay blog DarkQ’s gay directory just in order to understand the undeserving that they go through.