Its all about the Candidate Stupid!

If the 2006 elections showed us anything its that we republicans had nothing but doom and gloom ahead in 08′. Surely Hillary, already the buzz at the time would come in and stomp a weak field of republican hopefulls. This election the election of 2008 was a give me for the Dems. Sometimes a 15 point congressinal ballot defecit was shown by polling for the Republicans. And yet here we are a little less than 90 days until the election and we have ourselves a real race. Some dems are even sweating a little. John McCain was the right candidate at the right time. A moderate “maverick” after 8 years of George Bush’s mostly unpopular neo-conservative reign. McCain although not a fresh face is a person of integrety, independent ideas, and courage. He has a broad appeal and a lasting name in the face of adversity.

Even though as said, its a Democratic year, a blow out, a landslide according to the media and pundits. No surprise that CNN called the election a year in advance but they had a point, this was supposed to be an up-up-hill battle for the GOP. So what did the dems do to end up with a statistical dead heat for the election? They picked a bad candidate.

Regardless of the weakness behind the republican brand John McCain has so far been able to set himself apart from the party as a whole. Obama has done just the same, unfortunatley for him and his party though it was in a negative way. With the highest numbers of registered democrats ever recorded in the U.S. along with many other factors including a general disdain for republicans and Bush’s low approval ratings it seemed that the democratic nominee would be able to take the popularity of the party and apply it to oneself. Well with neither of the party’s image sticking to their candidates then the two men before us Barack Obama and John McCain will be compared to one another directly, presenting a huge opportunity for the GOP nominee. McCain has a strong 20+ year record in public service to his country in government along with an impressive career in the U.S. Navy. Whereas Obama has yet to complete his first term in the Senate. Obama is a fresh face, perhaps to fresh for the American people to bet on. With no foreign policy experience, a vauge and cloudy record at the state level with few results, and doubts about his patriotism and loyalty his own nation his prospects for the Oval Office are grim. Just like Gore and Kerry, two robotic eletists, the Dems have yet again nominated someone out of touch with the American people. If my hunch is right we are going to see McCain jump to a lead as soon as we see the two men side by side in the presidential debates. McCain, the right man, the right time.