Mark Ritchie's Conflict of Interest Difficulties

When they finished counting the votes in the Minnesota governor’s race, failed Sen. Mark Dayton led Tom Emmer by approximately 9,500 votes. Since then, that lead has shrunk to 8,750 votes through the recanvassing process.

This morning, I’ve discovered information that says Ritchie should recuse himself from the recount process. I wrote about it in this post.

What’s disturbing is that Ritchie offered his opinion on the race through his personal Twitter account, saying that it will be difficult for Tom Emmer to overcome Dayton’s lead. Aside from Ritchie offering this opinion, what’s more disturbing is the fact that Ritchie & Dayton serve on the advisory board of an organization named in honor of late U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone. The name of the organization is Wellstone Action, which specializes in community organizing.

It gets more interesting. Also serving on this advisory board are Sen. AL FRANKEN & Rep. Keith Ellison. It’s time for Ritchie to recuse himself. After factoring in his blatantly biased opinion with his obvious conflict of interest, there’s nothing that tells Minnesotans that Ritchie can be objective about this recount.