Longtime reader from Texas here. Have some thoughts I’ve been pondering trying to get across to other folks who might also read Redstate but don’t comment or diary because while they are generally like minded to most here, they might differ in kind or degree, in other words, “squishes” to you longtimers here.  I voted for Rubio in our Texas primary, because I thought he was “conservative enough” and clearly more telegenic and as issues-knowledgeable as Cruz. I thought he’d be more electable. Just saying the word squish will probably get me banned, and therein will give you your first clue as to why Mr. Cruz, and you his principled die hard supporters, lost this round.

You see, unlike many of you, I don’t wish to stand in a single spot and slowly be surrounded by the enemy and declare this my last stand and die on that particular hill. No, as Patton famously said (I think it’s close), “the object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other poor bastard die for his”.  No, you fight with what you have in any manner that you have to. The object is to win. What is the saying? “To the victor goes the spoils”?  If you’re outnumbered, maybe you retreat, reassess, and come back with a different plan.  No one cares about the dead body laying over there, his beliefs, or what principles he stood on. He’s dead. Patton understood this, and although he may or may not be able to accomplish this, a whole lot of people believe Trump is better positioned to win. It would be one thing if you had overwhelming force, in which case you might make a frontal assault as Patton might. But you don’t. You can spend an eternity muttering to yourself about all of the sellouts and former “conservatives” who you loved just yesterday who all sold out to the Empire. Christie, Carson, Gingrich, Hannity, Jindal, and soon to probably be….Cruz.  I know, I know, a clump of your hair is now in your hand. How could he? How COULD he? I’ll tell you how. Or you can do choose to make alliances with an occasional group that doesn’t always share your vision of the world, but who nevertheless might be useful in gaining you something you desire. Try to reverse the situation in your head if you are able and ask yourself what you would be writing on Redstate in your diaries if Cruz had somehow wrested the nomination from Trump and Trump’s voters had a #NeverCruz hashtag and wrote diary after diary about hell freezing over before they’d vote for Cruz in the general. Well, of course you’d blame them for Cruz’s eventual loss to Hillary. I know, you TOLD them you would not vote for Trump ahead of time, trying to extort votes for Cruz. Wow, what a choice. Vote for my guy, or I’m taking the ball and going home. You’ll win a lot doing that.

For all the vitriol that I’ve read, all of the pent up rage at all of the uninformed “rubes” out there, the reality is that much of what Trump says he wants to do, me and a lot of other folks are fine with. Build a wall? Yep. (and I don’t care if Mexico pays for it as long as it gets built). Make better trade deals with China, Mexico, etal? Yep. Make military stronger? Yep. Get rid of Obamacare? Yep. Make other countries pony up more for their own defense? Yep. Y’all get all riled up about all of the over-the-top rhetoric. You’re always talking about how Boehner and McConnell give up before the  negotiation starts. So, is Trump going to deport 11 million illegals? No. But it’s a damned good starting point when you want to secure the border. Is he going to use nuclear weapons in the ME? No, but when he talks about being unpredictable and not telling the media and the world exactly what he’s going to do every step of the way, and “rule this in” or “rule this out”  when they try to pin him down to an absolute statement, I think he’s doing the right thing. It’s like crap-weasel Chuck Todd trying to horn Cruz the other morning about supporting Trump. Cruz didn’t commit either way, as he should. I will admit Trump is a crude, narcissistic, and bombastic candidate. But a lot of people feel like they’re sitting at the kitchen table talking with their father-in-law when they hear him speak, while on the other hand, a lot of people saw Cruz, with all the sweeping hand gestures and dramatic pauses, as an 1800’s “miracle cure” medicine salesman on the back of a covered wagon. “Smarmy” comes to mind. Like it or not, principles are not the only thing that count in politics. It is a gut feeling. The kind you get when you hear Hillary’s voice, or when you hear Bernie say “millionaaaaaas and billionaaaaaas” for the 18 trillionth time.

So, what is to be done? I got it loud and clear that most of you are #neverwhatever. You are dead square in the middle of the anger stage of grief. Try to be happy. Be secure in knowing that the far left road is a one way street that leads to a dead end. Young people who love Bernie will grow up and have kids, start paying the freight, and become more conservative. There’s not much to say other than that I hope at some point in the next few months you look in the mirror and decide not to die on that hill.  Make the liberals die on theirs. For me and mine, we’re going to do our best to keep Hillary out of office, keep Republicans in office here in Texas (becoming harder by the day with so many from the coasts moving here), and try and wait and see who Trump might appoint VP, other cabinet choices, or perhaps give hints to SC nominees. That one is a scary one for any of you persuadable folks. Hillary will get 1, 2, or perhaps 3 nominees. Court will go 6-3 or 7-2 very liberal.Think immigration, gun rights, abortion, school choice, unions, healthcare, you name it. And they’ll all be in their 40’s to early 50’s, so you’re looking at 30-40 years. And they won’t be shy about abusing the power.