Easy Shopping Online

The other day while the kids were napping I decided to check out some of these penny auctions I have been hearing so much about. Some of my friends were talking about getting stuff of next to nothing and it just requires you to watch and time your bids. I stopped by Dealfun.com and liked the way everything was set up. At deal fun they also had a beginners area where you could practice and learn how to use the penny auctions before jumping into the big ticket items. This was great since I have never done this before and trying to beat out people who know what their doing was intimidating.

It was also nice to learn that they guarantee you a win in the first 24 hours or will reset your bids for that period. They also had a buy it now price. You were able to buy the item if you did not win and the bid money went towards the purchase so you can only win by bidding. Not like so many of the others where that money is down the drain if you do not win. All auctions start at 1 cent and they had all of the newest in electronics and other high demand items. I think I am going to like this penny auction thing. I can’t wait to win my first item.