Find deals at savings.com

One of the biggest challenges that we have faced as a family over the past three years since my accident was how to make ends meet financially. My wife has had to take on a full time job and a part time job, and we’ve had to rent out a room to a boarder. We’ve made sure that whenever one of us has to go into town that we check with everyone else to see if they need to go into town to accomplish something as well, to carpool in order to save gas and wear and tear on the vehicles.

We’ve checked for deals at Savings.com and other Internet sites whenever we are thinking about buying something to see if we can find special coupon codes or special online offers, and signed up for several coupon sites. We’ve joined several Freecycle groups and check Craigslist for deals, and we’ve started shopping more at thrift stores. We’ve stopped using fabric softener and started using vinegar and dryer balls in order to save money on laundry, and we don’t buy bottled water – we use tap water. We’ve even started doing Mystery Shopping so that we can get some goods and services (such as oil changes) for free!