Perfect Solution for Online Backup

I can remember when Online Backup plans were only available for, and used by, large wealthy corporations. The monthly fees were enormous! So it came as a huge surprise to me when I found out that now it is available for free to everyone! I should clarify that 2GB of storage is free from the idrive.com backup services. From what I understand, the free backup would be a great place to store documents and photographs. This would be a great option for people who have limited storage space on their personal computers or want to share documents with a remote location.

IDrive also provides several important features such as file archiving and versioning so that you can restore a previous version of a file even if you have changed it. It also backs up USB drives, external hard drives and mapped drives which are not physically attached to your computer. I think that if I were to use this service, it would be to store the documents of the service club that I’m in, the newsletter, and the photographs. That way I would not be filling up my personal computer with that sort of data, and next year when there is a new club president elected it will be easy for him (or her) to simply get the information from the online back up source.

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And I really like the idea of having a back up that is not attached to a computer. A couple of weeks ago my wife’s computer was infected with some kind of malware that put her computer totally out of commission for three days. Thankfully we got it fixed quickly enough that we didn’t miss any important deadlines, but we were worried for a while about that! I think having an online backup service that automatically backs up for you is a really great idea if you run any kind of business – it would greatly reduce down time if a computer crashes.