Sarah Palin: One Hit Wonder?

**Early Thursday morning presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain announced he had chosen his vice presidential choice. This would be his first executive decision as the party’s nominee. After Obama’s poorly received choice of his running mate, one would argue that in fact McCain was the one who (in the words of Bill Clinton about Obama) “hit it out of the park” with his choice of his running mate. Just two years ago then 42-year-old Sarah Palin was simply a mayor of an Alaskan town of less than 7,000 people. Palin was as shocked as everyone watching their television sets when the presumptive Republican nominee called her and asked her to join him in his epic quest for the number one seat in the land. Palin’s annex to this already historic race thrusted both campaigns even further back into the pages of history. No matter what the outcome may be, a woman and an African-American have both vied for president, a woman has ran for vice-president, and should John McCain emerge victorious, he will be the oldest leader America has ever seen.

Just two years ago then 42-year-old Sarah Palin was simply a mayor of an Alaskan town of less than 7,000 people, but now is under the dreaded spotlight. She is known as “Sarah Barracuda,” runner-up for Miss Alaska, and the most far-right Alaskan in terms of moral issues. But was she worth the risk? After all she negates any attacks McCain had about experience, and McCain can be sure Obama will attack the fact that Palin happens to be female, but with Obama pulling ahead in the polls, John McCain knew he had to shock America-and he did just that. Some will call it the riskiest Vice Presidential choice in history. Sarah Palin is very much bittersweet. With her far-right morals, she is sure to please the evangelical voters while scaring off any hopes of converting the pro-choice voters. While most expect Hillary voters to be reconciled by Palin, they may indeed be turned off by the fact that McCain has twisted their beliefs.

One thing is certain: this choice will sway the campaigns of both candidates. Sarah Palin’s extremist attitude will turn the course of this election. The question is: which way will America sway?**