Why Republican and Why John McCain for Me?

I am 42 years young, currently unemployed since my wife transfered us here in North Carolina in June of 2008. We have an 8 year old son in the 3rd grade and a 4 year old home with dad currently. Most of my life I lived in a Democratic state in Vermont, yes the state in which the president of the Democratic party is from (former Governor Howard Dean.) As a matter of fact I was awarded an award from him for my Emergency Medical Response Team in 2000 at our Annual EMS Conference. My wife works for the federal government and has since she graduated Northeastern University in Boston, MA where she is from another Democratic state with all the Kennedy’s.

I have been an EMT-Intermediate since high school. I love helping people. I have yet to finish my college education yet. I have two years behind me when I went to Champlain College in Burlington, VT in Hospitality Industry. When I left Vermont I left a career and job I loved very much. I worked at a small 26 room historical inn in the Champlain Islands in Vermont. I also left behind my career as an EMT.

The economy is in deep trouble in Vermont. The democrats won’t give the big businesses the tax credits they need to sustain a relationship with the state to survive. Many have closed their doors as well moved out of state. I have had a great house for sale in Swanton, Vermont since April and we have had not one phone call on it. I started at the appraisal value of 200,000 now it is down to $178,900 I will be taking a loss on my home due to the economy. I am basically paying two mortgages because I have to rent a condo here in North Carolina and it is much smaller than our house for the same monthly payment.

My son goes to a year round school down here and it is a very high scoring school. But the hours of the school are 9:15 AM to 3:45 PM and he tracks out on vacation every 6 to 8 weeks for 3 weeks and my daughter didnt meet the age cut off for Kindergarden this year even though she was going into Kindergarden up north. We have searched high and low for a daycare center that we trust and it will cost us for Jennie $1,000 a month and Kyle almost as much because he needs a place full time when tracked out and before school and afterwards.

Do to all the costs we are incurring I am looking for a 3rd shift job so I do not have to put them into daycare. Or I am looking for a job that pays more than 40,000 a year and gives help towards daycare expenses. But the catch is I have experience but have not finished my education.

You can tell that this state is Democratic as well with gas taxes over 48 cents over South Carolina that is only 14 cents. Two sales taxes one 6.75% and one of 2 percent.

When I was in Vermont being an EMT one of my bosses put a stretcher into one of my ambulances that I just took out of service and the stretcher failed on a patient weighing in at 527lbs I went for the trigger to stablize the stretcher well I missed and the stretcher crushed my left arm in the sizors of the stretcher with the patient on it. I later developed RSDS a condition that causes uncontrolled burning in my arm from scapulas to finger tips. The workers comp and the state tried to prove I beat myself rather than my company to be at fault. I needed an operation to control the burning and the day before I was to go in for surgery the workers comp cancelled. I went in for the surgery anyways and paid for it out of my own pocket. When I got a job at the inn in VT where I just had to leave they took away my college education payment said I received a job I no longer needed the education. A couple years ago I developed the same burning I had in my left arm in my right arm. I went in for another operation January 9, 2008 it was successful and I have no more burning. My employer said he didn’t want me back while I was recovering I had to pay out of pocket for that surgery too.

I am hoping things will get better for me down here in North Carolina. I know things will get better for me here in North Carolina with John McCain in Office. I have seen first hand what Democrats can do to Americans that work hard. I think John McCains pick for VP is right on. May swing more women that were Hilliary supporters our way. I always wanted to get into politics and seeing our new VP choice how she made it and she is only a couple of years older than me their may still be hope.

Don’t listen to the old-school Democratic redoric about John McCain is another President Bush in Office. John McCain is his own person and he is a Republican. He served his country well and paid a terrible price while he did. He has many years experience and he has a VP with new ideas as well. My wife and I will be voting for John McCain for President for a better economy, better insurance policies, Hospitality policies, Tourism, a better America. I only wish I could of supported him sooner. I want to stand with John McCain and shake his hand.

Another note about when then Governor Dean handed me that award for Georgia First Respons. The award the team did was great for our community but what I will always treasure was after the banquet the State Trooper that was protecting the Governor came up to me and shook my hand and thanked me for saving his life when he had a heart attack and needed to be rushed to a hospital and needed a cardiac cath and the large hospital in Vermont did not have room I redirected and told my driver to drive the extra 150 miles code 3 to Dartmouth-Hitcock Hospital in Hanover, NH. It was touch and go for awhile but he did great and came back to help protect the governor. That call I will always remember and I will remember that thank you most of all.