Immigration: Rick Perry is Unfit for the Presidency

I have a lot of issues with Rich Perry, but his answer to the immigration question the other night in my mind completely disqualifies him for the nomination. Here’s the transcript:

BLITZER: Governor Perry, I’m going to move on to Governor Huntsman in a second, but you did sign legislation giving some illegal immigrants in Texas the opportunity to have in-state tuition at universities in Texas, explain what that…

PERRY: In the state of Texas, if you’ve been in the state of Texas for three years, if you’re working towards your college degree, and if you are working and pursuing citizenship in the state of Texas, you pay in-state tuition there.

And the bottom line is it doesn’t make any difference what the sound of your last name is. That is the American way. No matter how you got into that state, from the standpoint of your parents brought you there or what have you. And that’s what we’ve done in the state of Texas. And I’m proud that we are having those individuals be contributing members of our society rather than telling them, you go be on the government dole.

This answer is so wrong and disingenuous it makes my head explode. It’s hard to even know where to start. He begins by accusing everyone who would oppose this policy of racism, implying that they only reason that we don’t want to allow illegal aliens to enjoy in-state tuition is because we don’t like the “sound of their last name”. This is the exact strategy that the Democrats out here in California have used for years to ruin this state through illegal immigration, all the while taking the election returns to the bank: anyone who opposes unlimited, unrestricted immigration into this country, with all immigrants regardless of legal status enjoying the same rights as U.S. citizens, is called a racist.

It’s a simple game they play: If I say that we should enforce immigration law, people like Rick Perry immediately respond as if I just said that we should round up everyone with a Latino surname and put them in concentration camps. It’s awful, ridiculous, disingenuous and ultimately extremely damaging to our country — just come hang out with me in South Central Los Angeles and take a look at the schools, the hospitals, the neighborhoods, the jails. Do you want all of America to look like that? If so, vote for Perry.

And no Mr. Perry, giving public benefits to people who are in this country illegally is not the “American way”. The American way is that we are governed by the rule of law, not the arbitrary and capricious rule of men, and the people who need to learn that lesson the most are the new entrants. When you tell them that laws do not matter, that their salvation lies in voting for politicians who will bend the laws in their favor, then you are not supporting the American way, you are destroying it.

And how pray tell are these illegal aliens becoming “contributing members of our society” when they cannot legally work in the United States, Mr. Perry? Why is the “government dole” even an issue when illegal aliens don’t quality for welfare, or do they Mr. Perry? These open borders fanatics need to make up their minds: either it’s true as they say that illegal aliens don’t cost the taxpayers “a dime” because they don’t qualify for welfare, or alternatively, it’s true as they say that illegal aliens do not take jobs from American citizens. It can’t be both. Either they are on welfare or they are working, which is it Mr. Perry? The answer doesn’t matter though; in both cases, we the American people lose.

I won’t vote for this man at any level, not in the primary, not in the general. Accusing me of being a racist for wanting to our immigration laws to be enforced fairly and equally against all, regardless of race, is a “bridge too far”. Mandating that kids be inoculated against a sexually transmitted disease so that your buddies over at Merck can get paid is exactly the kind of crony capitalism that is killing our nation, but it’s also par for the course in politics today. Running around calling the Social Security program that tens of millions rely upon for their daily sustenance a “Ponzi scheme” is idiotic politics, but whatever, there’s some truth to it. But participating in the destruction of America through the dissolution of the principles of citizenship and the rule of law is something that I cannot abide in a candidate that gets my vote. Sorry.