Daily Kos Blogger Eagerly Awaits the "Destruction" of White People

Tim Wise is a very popular author and Daily Kos blogger who writes wordy, pompous dribble about how everything that’s wrong with the world can be explained only in reference to “white privilege”. The Kos kids absolutely eat it up. There are apparently few things that “progressives” enjoy more than a good, daily dose of white guilt from someone like him. Conservatives would actually do well to amplify his platform because he calls for exactly the kind of hyper-racial politics that has always been the absolute undoing of the American Left and the Democratic Party, and probably played no small role in their historic defeat last night.

Although he and his followers are absolutely convinced that their “analysis” is the only one that promises success addressing the “structures of inequality” that hold back “oppressed minorities” (there’s actually a long list of them) in America, only about 2% of real people actually understand and agree with them, and the majority of those are cranky, left-wing professors who nobody really pays attention to anyways.

In any event, not unexpectedly, last night he lost it. In his first post-election diary, An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Trantrum, Mr. Wise lays bare the truly sick and disgusting perspective of the far-left, identity politics-obsessed, wackos who, in my opinion, absolutely determine the underlying philosophy and agenda of people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi:

You have had this confidence before, remember?

You thought you had secured your position permanently after the overthrow of reconstruction in the wake of the civil war, after the elimination of the New Deal, after the Reagan revolution, after the Republican electoral victory of 1994. And yet, they who refuse to die are still here.

Because those who have lived on the margins, who have been abused, maligned, targeted by austerity measures and budget cuts, subjected to racism, classism, sexism, straight supremacy and every other form of oppression always know more about their abusers than the abusers know about their victims.

They have to study you, to pay careful attention, to adjust their body armor accordingly, and to memorize your sleep patterns.

. . .

And they know how to regroup, and plot, and plan, and they are planning even now – we are – your destruction.And I do not mean by that your physical destruction. We don’t play those games. We’re not into the whole “Second Amendment remedies, militia, armed resistance” bullshit that your side fetishizes, cuz, see, we don’t have to be.

We just have to be patient.

And wait for your hearts to stop beating.

And stop they will.

And for some of you, real damned soon truth be told.

So, there you have it folks. The self-appointed representatives of the oppressed “people of color” of the world, claiming that we are all sitting around with baited breath waiting for white people to die off so that we can be “free” of their oppressive ways. Demography is destiny.

But there’s a big wrench that has been thrown into the gears of the hate machine maintained by the likes of Mr. Wise: the Tea Party. When Mr. Wise is confronted with the likes of Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Tim Scott, and Rep. Allen West, and (God-willing) President Sarah Palin, and the thirty percent of African-Americans who already identify with the Tea Party, Mr. Wise’s head is going to explode. His head will explode when he discovers that “the oppressed” like freedom just as much as everyone else does, and would prefer to run their own lives as opposed to having their lives run by fascist socialists such as Tim Wise.

The Tea Party has provided the spark for a wildfire that will clear away a lot of the dead wood in Washington, revealing a stark choice for all to see: “liberty or tyranny”. The tyranny of leftists such as Tim Wise who believe that we as people of color can only be free once our “enemies” (as Obama recently put it) do us all a favor and stop breathing, or the liberty that we can enjoy as independent, self-reliant, free people enjoying the blessings of limited, constitutional government and healthy and vibrant free enterprise.