The Desperation of the Left

Liberals are beginning to understand just how unpopular they are and they are becoming desperate because of it. Despite all of the talk of a permanent progressive majority in the wake of 2008, when you look across the American political landscape today, it quickly becomes obvious that in actual fact there is one and only one thing standing in the way of a permanent progressive minority and that is the question of race.

Think about it this way — Barack Obama got 43% of the white vote nationally — the best showing for a Democrat in a generation. It’s safe to say that a significant part of that 43% were moderates and conservatives who were disaffected by Bush incompetence and not inspired by the Republicans’ milquetoast offering that year.

So if you boil it down, you probably have at best 25% of white people in America who are true liberals. This is the Democratic base. For an approximation of how politics in America really looks, consider that 70% of Americans support the Arizona immigration law. Nearly all Hispanics and black people oppose it. So if you take them out, you probably have white support for that law up into the 75% or 80% range. The 20-25% of white people that oppose that law are the liberals.

Now, keep in mind however that the influence of white liberals is far beyond what one would expect from a group that command 20-25% support amongst their own racial group. Nancy Pelosi is an unabashed liberal. Harry Reid is a liberal. Rahm Emanuel is a liberal. Barney Frank is a liberal. How do they do this? The answer is simple: by exploiting overwhelming support from people of color, starting with a reliable 90-95% of blacks (with no demands), but also including 60-70% of Latinos and Asians.

But here’s the interesting thing, and the reason that things are so scary for liberals right now: people of color are not liberals. OK, that’s a gross generalization, and I do not deny that there is a thin layer of college-educated, politically-connected people within each of those communities who are in fact liberals. But that’s really something like 5%. By and large, communities of color are made up of God-fearing, church-going, gun-toting, pro-life, pro-business, family-oriented, liberty-loving regular people who are going about their lives without some kind of an “agenda”.

Witness the vote on Proposition 8 in California. Liberals went apoplectic when they learned that all the blacks who flooded the polls to vote for Obama also provided the margin of difference against  gay marriage. I won’t go into each and every issue, but with Asians and Latinos, you can start with the thriving small business sectors in those communities, and also consider that many of them have fresh memories of places where liberty had been extinguished or never allowed. In sum, there is a very long list of issues that divide people of color and white liberals: abortion, anti-Communism, school choice, jobs vs. the environment, animal rights extremism, etc

So how do the liberals do it then? How do they get people they don’t agree with to consistently vote for them? The answer is simple: they convince people that conservatives and Republicans are racist. Increasingly, people of color do not even get to the level of considering whether they agree with liberal or conservative philosophy. The media, their political leaders, academia, teachers — they all inculcate the lesson from an early age: conservative Republicans are evil racists who will oppress people of color to the extent that they are able to gain political power.

This is why liberals desperately search for any possible tidbit of evidence that conservatives and Republicans are racist, going so far sometimes as to just make up stuff like this:

Breitbart offered $100,000 for proof that John Lewis was called the n-word on the steps of the Capitol and never had to pay up.

See, if the battle ever shifts to the realm of ideas, it will be a wash-out for liberal Democrats because the fact of the matter is that if only 20-25% of white Americans are liberals, the percentage of people of color who are liberal is even lower. Liberal social programs may hold some of them in thrall, but they can never really deliver what they promise even there. In every city and state where liberals rule, the economy gets squeezed resulting in endless budget crises, which result in endless “draconian cuts to social programs . . . by liberals. Once the federal government loses the power of the printing press, the same dynamics will take hold there.

I copied the following passage from a diary at Daily Kos because I found it indicative of where the Left’s desperation will finally lead:

The uninformed voter who doesn’t really have a strong grasp on an ideology views conservativism with a better light than liberalism.

This must change.

.  .  .

It is essential to get this image of Republicans as the British stereotype of conservative. When someone thinks conservatives, and they don’t have more than a quarter of million dollars in the bank, they should cringe. The perfect example of this is Rand Paul. My god, he is a gift. It’s essential we tie Rand Paul and his ideology as the ideology of the Republican Party.

After all, who wants to vote for a party that supports the abolishment of Social Security and Medicare? Who wants to vote for a party that supports the abolishment of Civil Rights and supports strengthening discrimination on Latinos (and perhaps African Americans after they are done messing around with the Civil Rights Act)? Who wants to support a party that literally hates people who dislike BP, Goldman Sachs, et al? Who wants to vote for a party so evil? Of course, the things I said are positions only held by the fringe and ignorant (exempt for Wall Street love, which is common amongst all but the fringe in Washington). However, we repeat these points enough (over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again), then no fact check matters, it’s been solidified as common knowledge among the uninformed voters.

Is it an honest strategy? No, it’s positively Machiavellian. Saying someone like Rand Paul is the political center of the Republican Party, the political spirit of Conservativism is like saying the Socialism is the political center of the Democratic Party and the political spirit of Progressivism. We know the Socialism claim is dishonest and we try to fight against the lies, but ultimately, they have entrenched themselves into America’s politically unconscience. Let’s do the same to the right-wingers. They, like us, will have a hell of a time fighting against the lies if we push them hard enough. The typical view of the Republicans should be truly horrible men who wish to take your pension, take your health care, take your employment, ruin your education, and fight for the rich. We can make ‘Conservative’ a bad word in politics. Let’s do it.

Winning the battle of ideas would take this kind of straight up and down Machiavellian duplicity for liberals. But there’s no way that will ever work. If Rand Paul-style libertarianism is to conservatism what socialism is to liberalism, the battle is already lost. America was founded on libertarian ideals, and they have stood the test of time, as socialist experiments one after the other has devolved into some of the worst scenes of human misery and cruelty known to man. If the choice is Liberty or Socialism, we know where America will cast its lot. It’s been that way for 234 years.

So the question is: how does the Republican Party in particular and conservatism in general “de-racialise” the political debate in America?

It’s not so difficult. The liberals are doing a great job of showing that although they claim to be looking out for “us”, the fact of the matter is that everyone does worse under their rule. There can never be enough government jobs and benefits to make up for a moribund private economy. This is the central fact that liberals always end up confronting: “sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”.

The conservatives and Republicans just need to show that everyone does better when you have conservatives in charge of things. It’s not about Republicans looking out for the rich white people,  while Democrats look out for everyone else. It’s about a society where everyone is able to look out for themselves versus a society where everyone must look to the government for their needs. This message needs to be said loud and clear. Republicans want everyone to do better.

Once the debate is cast in those terms, the liberal hold on people of color will begin to break down, and once that happens, it’s over for liberals for another generation at least.