Awesome turnout!

I’ve voted at the same precinct in northern Virginia for the last four elections.  It’s one in McLean which McCain carried, which puts it in a distinct minority for Fairfax County.  In 2008, Obama won Fairfax County roughly 60-40%, but in my precinct McCain won 50-49.

Turnout today is epic.  Usually at our precinct there are about 10-12 people in line; last election there were only about 1200 votes cast in total.  Today at 10AM the line snaked around the lobby of the polling place twice- there were probably a couple of hundred people in line.  Precinct workers told me it was the heaviest turnout they’d seen in the 12 years they’ve been working at this precinct.  Voter traffic has been heavy all day.

I noticed that most of the people had Republican voter guides in their hands.  At least at our precinct, things are looking terrific for Romney.