More of the Great Democrat MF Global Scandal

Now we see that there is documentary evidence that Jon Corzine illegally defrauded small investors of, oh, about $1.6 billion.  Kudos to the hard-working House Financial Services subcommittee researcher who found the memo.

Isn’t it time to ask why said memo has avoided the notice of the diligent Democrat drones at the Justice Department?

Maybe we should wonder why Bradley Abelow, who one might reasonably conjecture may have been involved in the fraud, should be acting as an advisor to Louis Freeh, who is supposed to be liquidating the assets of MF Global.

I wonder if it’s proper to wonder why anyone in his right mind would want to pay bonuses to Abelow, rather than, say, locking him up?

(By the way, I wonder who chose Abelow to act as a senior advisor to the EPA?)

Is it proper to wonder why George Soros bought the Greek bonds formerly owned by MF Global at a discount to their market value at the time of the sale?

Isn’t there a Democrat Party scandal here somewhere?