The two most important recent initiatives of Google are social networking and mobile operating systems and ads.

So it’s no surprise to see the steady bad press about Facebook and its privacy leaks.  These are a serious issue, especially because people disclose great personal detail on Facebook which (they think) can’t be otherwise discovered by third parties assessing browsing patterns or search histories.

Now Apple is in the cross-hairs:

Apple’s Mobile Rules to Get FTC Scrutiny

This Wall Street Journal article notes that the FTC recently approved Google’s $750 million acquisition of AdMob, which places ads on mobile phones.  So they had no problem at all giving the company which is-

* The world’s dominant search engine provider

* The world’s largest distributor of online ads

* The world’s fastest growing mobile phone operating system provider-

an entree into this fragmented market.  But they fear that Apple, which has no experience at all with mobile ads, could have an unfair advantage:

“The Commission has reason to believe that Apple quickly will become a strong mobile advertising network competitor,” the FTC said last month. “Apple not only has extensive relationships with application developers and users, but also is able to offer targeted ads…by leveraging proprietary user data gleaned from users of Apple mobile devices.”

If that’s a worry, then what happens with Droid phones where you have to register with Google which then can integrate your phone data with their wealth of info about your browsing patterns, emails, web searches and whatever else they’ve managed to discover about you?

I mean, the average person spends maybe a half hour a day on the cell phone and 3 hours a day on the Internet.

Side note- that word “proprietary” is so delicious for the Google-FTC to use in the context of Google’s rapacious appetite for other people’s information.

Last comment- the investigation will specifically focus on whether Apple’s practices harm competition in the market for mobile phone software.  My thoughts-

1.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with software, it’s all about ads.

2.  If Apple were harming the smart phone software market, then why are there more than 200,000 different, wonderful apps written for the i-family of products?  Why, as of today, does Apple receive 15,000 new apps WEEKLY from developers?  Why are there four times as many new apps being developed today for the Apple products than Google droid products?

See, for instance, from PC Magazine:

Apple vs. Android: Which OS Outpaces the Other?

This would all be well and good, another example of politics as usual for the Chicago machine political gang.  But when the attacks are against the likes of Apple, we are all hurt.  Apple is a precious national resource, a world-leading company in a key industry.  Apple generates jobs and tax revenues for California and the US.  According to investors, Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world!

Apple is World’s Most Valuable Technology Company

Obama wants to pay back Google, but in doing so, once again he is damaging the US.  Our President cares about his ideology, about power, and doesn’t care at all about the country.