Obama refuses to accept expert assistance for oil cleanup

There’s an interesting post on the Zerohedge financial blog referencing an article in Foreign Policy, saying that the Obama administration has refused cleanup assistance from thirteen different countries.  The blogger points out that the assistance could have made a real difference. For instance, at least one European firm, a Belgian company named DEME, in particular owns ships and equipment which could cut the cleanup time by TWO THIRDS:

A Belgian group–DEME– contends it can clean up the oil in three to four months with specialty vessel and equipment, rather than an estimated nine months if done only by the U.S.  The article noted there are no more than 5 or 6 of those ships in the world and the top specialist players are the two Belgian companies- DEME and De Nul – and their Dutch competitors.

The blogger says the Jones Act is to blame, but then notes that Obama could waive it if he wanted to.

Here’s the link: