Today in Mexico

For whatever reason, it seems that the MSM is not interested in exposing the difficulties that Mexico faces today.  Prime example is the lack of attention paid to the spiraling drug war on our southern border.

So it was not surprising that I learned about today’s news only from a business associate who has an office in Mexico City.  His office is in the center of the city, but he skyped me from a Sanborn’s restaurant because it turns out that, as I write this blog entry, power has been cut for almost all of today to the center of the city.  There’s a pending demonstration by fired electrical workers, and the government has cut all power and put “several thousand” police on the streets in preparation for the demonstration, according to my friend.

According to Wikipedia, Mexico City is the world’s eight-largest city.  It’s the second largest city in North America.  Mexico is of critical strategic interest to the US.  But when power is cut to much of the center of this very important city, it’s not news??

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