The W Post: W means worthless

Some of yesterday’s news:  the health care bill was delayed; more than 40 people were arrested in New Jersey for a range of corruption charges; (local news) more serious problems were uncovered with the regional subway system; and the DOW climbed back to 9000.  Less consequential news (but fun to read) included: a controversy over race between Obama and the Cambridge police; Hillary accelerated her dive into obscurity; and a pitcher threw a perfect game for only the 18th time in MLB history.

So what does the W Post feature as its lead story an hour ago?  Sarah Palin’s negatives are up!!  And on the same digital front page there’s an op ed criticizing Palin’s position on global warming (or cooling or whatever it is today).

I’ve never seen an industry like the newspaper industry in which companies so willfully alienate half their customers and consciously lower the quality of their product.  And btw, if they’re trying to get me to like Palin less, it’s not working. 

Yeah, I stopped my print subscription two years ago, and my only regret is that I can’t stop it twice.