Heroic budget control efforts

Our Leader calls his FIRST cabinet meeting to discuss the critical issue of spending control, and heroically requests the cabinet members to find, over the next 90 days, $100 million in savings.  Some perspective:

* This is about .005% of the forecasted 2009 budet deficit.

* At this rate, it would take the Cabinet almost 5,000 years to find enough savings to balance the budget.

* $100 million is about 2% of the value of the earmarks in the 2010 budget.

* It is about .003% of the (original) 2009 total budget.

* It is about .0002% of the total (and rapidly increasing) sum of unfunded future federal liabilities of $59 trillion.

* It is about 2 HOURS of interest expense on our total national debt.

On the positive side:

* $100 million is probably twice Nancy Pelosi’s budget for G-5 jets and crews, which she requires to be available 24/7. 

* It is only 10 times the budget of the failing Senate Restaurants.

* It is only 1/7th of what Our Leader raised for his presidential campaign.