Obama’s Messianic Complex









            One theory that may explain Obama’s unwarranted popularity is the chameleon effect. Perhaps the reason Obama is so keen on genetic research is that it enabled him to incorporate chameleon DNA into his body that enables him to blend in to whatever environment he chooses to penetrate. Regardless of what values people hold dear, they believed that Obama was the one person who thought like they did. With his smooth smile and targeted tone, Obama was able to speak without a smidgen of integrity all the while hypnotizing voters to believe in a nonexistent reality.

            When Obama was in Pittsburg he loved the Steelers, when in Chicago he loved the bears. When Obama was in Detroit he was the champion of the working man, when at a business conference he was for big business. Obama is the master of morphing his tone, demeanor, and message to suit the audience de jour. It is this gift of illusion that won Obama the accolades of such a diverse cross section of America. If the press and the people had actually held Obama accountable to his record, character, and associations, he would not be so near the cross and potential resurrection.

            With such constant praise and adoration relentlessly showered over him, Obama actually bought into the hype that surrounded him. It would seem that Obama actually believes he is spawned from above and that one quick flash of his pearly whites can melt the most obstinate conservative heart. Did Obama truly believe that having representatives of the conservative media over for dinner would convert them? It would seem that Obama actually believes that any nonbeliever basked in his messianic musk for a couple of hours would find him irresistible. While watching a football game with sports minded fellows can be considered a bonding experience, it can hardly be considered just cause to refute ones own ideology, get on their knees, and surrender their will. While dinners, football games, and cocktails are most enjoyable, they do not constitute bipartisanship. It would appear that our new messiah fundamentally accepts as true that the gift of a few mere moments in his presence is the greatest honor a republican politician could have bestowed on them. The protocol for republicans receiving this St. Bernadette like experience is to lie prostrate on the ground and beg their Master to rub their tummies.

            As intimated during the campaign Obama is comparable to Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan because he is famous just for being famous. Also, Obama is famous for surrounding himself with sycophants and disciples who succumb to and support his every whim, all the while begging for the chance to warm their noses. Another one of Obama’s many problems is that being in the constant company of your worshippers can only serve to speed your detachment from reality.

It is easy to spot the pain, sadness, and dismay flash across Obama’s cupid like face when he encounters an apostate. His internal dialogue must sound something like: “Don’t they know who I am? Haven’t they ever watched MSNBC? Perhaps I should have a beer with them. Yes! That never fails.” When your face adorns every magazine in the checkout line, is on every television channel, and is featured prominently on every other web page, it must be difficult to remember you are just a man and have no real prospect of residing in a custom flat on Mount Olympus. Sorry Obama you’re just going to have to live wherever the convicted criminal Rezko can chisel you out a good deal on a mortgage.

            The problem with Obama assimilating the hype that defined him during the campaign is that many people actually believe he will recreate the miracle of the loaves and fishes on a national scale. Many of his followers genuinely believe that Obama will buy them a house, fill their gas tanks, supply their pantries, and exorcise them from the indignity of having to hold down a steady job. The sad thing is – they’re correct. Our deified darling who gave the European version of the Sermon on the Mount during the campaign has every intention of meting out his brand of social and economic justice. What “The One” and his minions seem to have forgotten is that even the real messiah was a carpenter and had to work for a living.

            Not only does our misguided messiah believe that his alluring aura alone can tame the savage beast of capitalism and feed the multitudes, he also suffers from the delusion that his beatified status will sway the hearts of Ahmadinijead, Kim Jong Il, and Putin. Despite the fact that Obama’s plan of smooth talking dictators into abiding by his will has no chance of success, he cannot bring himself to even conceive the chance of failure. Obama’s psyche itself is certainly a paradox. He is so confident in his Godly gifts that he thinks he can change the hearts of tyrants with the spoken word, yet is so insecure that he publicly demonizes any voice of opposition.

            When reviewing his plans to attend afternoon tea with the “moderate” members of the Taliban, Obama may want to review the lessons taught us by Jimmy Carter. Carter’s lack of spine and naïve world view emboldened terrorists to take against action American citizens. Talk, treaties, and promises mean nothing to a radical Islamic terrorist, dictator, or any other oppressive government. Chatting, making concessions, and legitimizing rogue regimes do nothing but show weakness and incompetence to those that would do us harm. Not even the gilded tongue of Obama can make nuclear weapons disappear from foreign lands or cause a tyrant to value democracy. One would think that since Obama is doing his best to destroy our democracy and control every aspect of the people’s lives, he would be able to understand that other despots share his lust for absolute control.

            Obama’s opinion of himself is just grandiose enough to believe he can appoint his fellow crooks to his cabinet with impunity. Amazingly, the new head of the internal revenue service, Timothy Geithner, could not even figure out how to pay his taxes with Turbo Tax. Obama and Geithner actually pleaded ignorance to Geithner’s tax transgressions as if somehow an ignorant Secretary of the Treasury is better than a cheating Secretary of the Treasury. If this obvious spin wasn’t bad enough, Obama and his cronies had the gall to announce that because the economy is in such turmoil, Geithner’s crimes should be overlooked as he is the only one on earth capable of solving our country’s financial woes. To put it another way, Obama’s solution to a huge problem caused by a lack of ethics is hiring someone with no ethics. Only in Washington can such irrefutable logic be accepted as perfect sense.

The economic crisis was caused by lack of ethics. Greed and vanity among home buyers, politicians, and Wall Street all conspired to trash our economy. While the banks and Wall Street manipulated risky home loans to pad their bottom lines, people coveting the lifestyles off the rich and famous bought homes and cars they couldn’t possibly afford. The democrat politicians are guilty of insisting the banks loan money to people who could not possibly pay it back so that these same politicians can curry favor with their constituents. So what is Obama’s grand plan to rectify the situation? Obama and his crack team of tax cheats are going to insist that the banks loan more money to people who can not possibly pay it back. Brilliant!

Only in Obamaland could proposing a strategy consisting of the very tenets that crashed the economy seem like a good idea. Liberals believe giving credit to those who cannot pay it back will work because Obama has given the plan his benediction. If a conservative had fashioned this asinine plan, they would have been rightly chastised by the Obama apostles. Since Obama gave this cockamamie plan his blessing it cannot possibly fail.