Governor Palin's Daughter

Those who see Governor Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy as a revelation that abstinence does not work or that it is somehow proof of Palin’s lack of competency as a mother obviously never raised a child to teen age or have never been teenagers themselves.

Just because when you were a teenager you never suffered the temptation of sex with anyone other than yourself or you believed promiscuity was the way to enlightenment, does not mean the rest of society does not face serious choices, challenges, and consequences. Just ask another teenage girl who got pregnant – Obama’s mommy.

Teaching abstinence will never be a perfect solution just as the birth control “progressives” wish to dispense to our kindergarteners will never be perfect. It is baffling how the far-left believes that it is ultimately better for our children to have sex than to try and make an intelligent decision.

Attacking the Governor on issues is fine but attacking her children is pure cowardice. Instead of regurgitating the Democratic National Committee talking points, why not try something novel like coming up with an original idea.