McCain's House Issue

The current liberal spin that John McCain is an out of touch elitist because he cannot account for every penny his wife ever earned is ludicrous. If McCain was the money grubbing elitist the liberals claim he is, he would no doubt be able account for all his assets.

The fact is that instead of sitting in a little room maniacally rubbing his hands together counting his piles of gold for the last twenty years, McCain has been entirely focused on the problems facing the United States at home and abroad. Contrary to the liberal lies, McCain does not have his wife’s entire portfolio memorized because he is not totally consumed by greed.There are much more important things to focus on in this country and the world right now then his wife’s bottom line.

Democrats would have spun McCain’s lack of knowledge regarding his investments no matter what. Democrats truly cannot understand that a human being could care more about his country and fellow man than his own wallet.

Like any red-blooded American man I have no doubt that John McCain loves his home and is happy just as long as he has the best seat in front of the TV, a cold beer, a steak on the grill, and the game on.