Why Obama Really Snubbed Our Troops

Since Obama was so worried about people thinking that visiting our wounded soldiers would be viewed as a political tactic, he chose not to go. Therefore, it is fair to say that Obama is more worried about public perception than doing what is right. Talk about courage.

If I voted against funding those who were severely wounded protecting my safety and I had no concern for the success of their mission, I, like Obama, would not be able to look them in the eye and would refuse to visit.

The good news is there just may be a hint of conscience and shame in our would-be messiah.

Contrary to all the liberal posturing, a person cannot support the troops while not supporting their mission. That’s like saying “I love construction workers and contractors but I wish there were no houses and buildings.” Our troops are smarter than that and realize that Obama and his far-left followers do not have their backs.